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  1. Are you on the insider program? I was but I'm nor now. Maybe that setting only show if your an insider So maybe the gprfit setting has no effect if you not an insider. I should set it to 2 too see what happens
  2. Is microsoft really expirementing on my system? and whwn will windows 10 not be prerelease software? gpedit.msc Administrative templates Data Collection and preview bulds Disable prerelease features or settings "This policy setting determines the level that Microsoft can experiment with the product to study user preferences or device behavior. A value of 1 permits Microsoft to configure device settings only. A value of 2 allows Microsoft to conduct full experimentations. If you disable this policy setting, all experimentations will be turned off. If you do not configure this policy setting, user can configure the “Let Microsoft try features on this build” option in Settings." I can't find the above setting? so mabe MA isn;t expirementing, yet small things like icons reappearing on the tastbar after I unpinning them. Mainly the store and edge icons I disables it to be safe! jbm
  3. I have a windows (lumia 1520) it's a good phone. But personally I wont be using office on it. I do get irritated on my PC . JBM
  4. MS was just trying to make it efficient to produce more apps for their phones. JBM
  5. That's my point. That's what most people think clean install means. I would prefer to make a DVD before I upgrade. (If I do) But the upgrade is only good for the service life of the device your upgrading, that probably won't be an option. JBM
  6. Great we'll be able to clean install the windows 10 upgrade. http://www.anandtech.com/show/9334/microsoft-confirms-you-can-clean-install-windows-10-after-upgrading After upgrading says it all to me. If it was a true clean install why would I have to upgrade first? JBM
  7. @JorgeA Thanks for the reply. I decided to to update my backup and install the updates on my real computer. Either ideas sound feasible to me. Jim
  8. I just activated a copy of windows 7 ultimate on vmware using the same serial as the host. After installing the updates I always hide, I'm still not seeing the new nag icon. The only updates not installed are Skype and the language packs. I'm wondering if it's because I'm on a virtual machine (not going to try it on the host). or does some extra stuff need to be downloaded. I know I had made up my mind not to get windows 10 guess I'm still hoping for a miracle. Jim M I
  9. I'll decide how I feel about something, you have no say in the matter. From one post about UAC you say I have NO knowledge and troll around. What I said about UAC is just my opinion nothing more. Before I built my first computer, don't remember what year but it had WFW on it, I was afraid of doing much of anything with a computer. Having to get rid of a virus or two over the years has taught be a lot about computers than I would ever know otherwise. because of the knowledge I've gained over the years I haven't had any malware for years. that's not exactly true I did get a pup when I installed a program without checking advanced install about a month ago and had to uninstall it. Oh I also always turn off system restore also. But I do have a backup two actually one on a usb 3.0 drive and another on a NAS. I guess what I'm tring to say is I do have some knowledge, maybe not as much as I'd like, but I'm only 61 maybe there is still time. Jim M
  10. Your point is, that you simply don't understand it. I wrote a guide about UAC here for dummies like you. I'll always know you as the UAC fanatic. who had to insult me because I disagreed with them. You think I'm a dummy, I can live with that.
  11. As I understand it, any features of Microsoft Edge will only be able to be used by universal apps. Which will make it easier for Microsoft to end support for win32 and other legacy stuff. Thus getting closer to having one store for windows apps. And of course we'll all be more secure because of it! Maybe in the future I might come across a universal app that I think is worth having. But I don't feel good about only having one place to buy it. Jim M
  12. Whether UAC is on or off or even if IE is truly secure or not has nothing to do with my point. Now I don't really know if we'll be seeing notices on web sights stating something like "ie11 no longer supported, move to Windows 10 for added security" or something similar. But I can see it happening. But as far as UAC is concerned I justr find it annoting. You'll never convince me to run with it on. Jim M
  13. I'm thinking they started Edge (Spartan) so they could say those still on Win 7 pr 8 should move to 10 because of lack of security in IE11. Jim M
  14. http://www.theverge.com/2015/5/5/8553359/microsoft-edge-name-brand Microsoft Edge, all I can think of is setting on the edge of a cliff about to fall off. Jim M
  15. Thanks for your help. When I disabled UEFI boot windows 7 would not boot at all. Kept getting a message saying it wasn't configured correctly. so I ended up installing 7 again then 10 TP Don"t have a drive larger than 2TB so really no diff.
  16. I reinstalled so that my computer booted in BIOS mode instead of UEFI. Both 7 and 10 are running Now to see what 10 offers. So far I think I'll keep 7 JBM
  17. after installing 10 to a separate hd it boots up and runs. But if I try booting 7 I get an error the digital sig of winload.efi can't be verified. anyone else tried dual booting? I was curious how it was with real hardware. thanks JBM
  18. When I first tried v. 8.2.0 regadd items weren't added to cleanup.cmd. non injectable updates didn't work correctly. The problems were fixed by uninstalling, renaming the old seven_ua dir to seven and reinstalling. starting the program clicking on the appswitch.ini button and adding back my info ie hotfixes and app data etc. and copying my files into regadd and my_files. One other thing, I was up to 21 msu files that wouldn't inject. Which seemed like a lot to me. So to double check I tried removing them from the list. And I could remove all but 6, 5 of these I moved from the install dir to the hotfixes dir leaving the 2533552 msu file in the install dir. All msu files injected without error. The only thing I can think of is that I've removed and added different updates to inject
  19. When I use "Roll back to here", when I start Se7en_UA up again I get an error saying I need to delete wim.txt another minor error in cleanup.cmd where its cleaning up the temp files it's numbered 1-6,2 instead of 1-7
  20. you version of comdlg32.ocx maybe outdated. I would try renameing the file on your computer and reinstall the program. version 8.1.5 works with both 7 and 8
  21. The last version that worked with xp is 6.3.33 if you are using that version then I don't know what the problem is.
  22. Still gettimg run time error 5 settimg up 7 sisn;t try 8 Ji Manning
  23. still getting a window telling me to clpse appseith.ini then a runtime error 5 in both windows 7 and 8 Jim Manning
  24. I'm running on win7 x64 ultimate Trying to setup the same with Se7en_ua 8.1.2 Had to install windows 8 deployment tool kit to get past services disabler. Now when I click on add applications I get a message to close appswitch.ini, after clicking ok I get a runtime error 5. Jim Manning i also get the runtime error 5 setting up windows 8 with se7en_ua
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