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i think you should be sued for that and eventually go to jail.

not underestimating the power of nlite, but it shouldnt be used on networks such as those. (not only bcoz of the terms)... you used it in your job, lol


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even though i only started using nLite today, i think that its good that you don't have the autopartition. if you slipstream XP, and then want to dual boot with 98 or ME or 2k, having the autopartition would be murder. same with creating dual boot cds, having the autopartition would be a waste, it would just get kicked off.

i plan on having two versions of the XP i slipstreamed and compressed today. its 173.66mb, and its going onto a miniCD, because that would just look cool and it would be pocket sized [quite literally] and its for a laptop. one will have the auto partition, one wont..the autopartition XP would be great for a first time install for a computer that will only use XP...the other CD would be for an upgrade, or a repair, or if the autopartition doesn't work.

but just picture finishing installing everything on your computer and forgetting you left the CD in if it has autopartition enabled. all the work you just did is now gone with the wind. not to mention any music you put on [i have 17 gigs and i don't want to loose any of it].

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