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  1. Nuhi, first you make a great job with nlite But when I try to load a preset (with french translation) some could not be load. Ex : components --> "Échantillons musicaux" ("Music Samples" in english) .............................. "Écrans de veille" ("Screensavers" in english) And I known why : Check the next picture (from ...\nlite\lang\francais) french tranlation First character (only) should be not with french accents but like the green one (E instead of É) theses lines are not correct too in francais.lang: S637 S861 S1198 S1243 S1391 S1392 S1592 S1596 S1598 S1599 S1641 S125 S258 S317 S339 S342 S853 S680 S709 S1032 I use windows xp sp2 english and nlite 1.3 (french translation) but i guess will be the same with 1.2
  2. ulysse34 : concernant ton pack de fichiers "XP Powertoys Image Resizer/Phototoy FR" jái compris que tu l 'a decompresser, modifier la dll phototoys (dialogue) puis repackte. jái bien reussi les 2 premieres etapes mais je ne sais pas comment recreer mon msi comme l'original, quel logiciel utilise tu pour ca ? a moins que l'on puisse faire une mise a jour avec windows installer (msiexec) en ligne de commande ? je l'ai traduit en chinois, esperons que cela marche merci de ton aide
  3. Nuhi, can you add a file for the translation or it's too early ?
  4. bei

    Automatize Format c:

    very dangerous even for power user
  5. do you have a "dell" computer ?
  6. Hello when I try to integrate SP2 , just at the end I see that : and nlite disappear -------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT :I HAVE REDOWNLOAD SP2 AND IT'S OK NOW. SORRY
  7. please install files for east asian languages in your "regional and language options" or it's because you remove chinese support with nlite CHINESE IS MAGIC (ok, not for you )
  8. bei, I'm curious : were you able to see real chinese caracters in my post ? yes as you can see underneath and this is the first post : CHINESE IS MAGIC B)
  9. too far , camarade, too far 无法删除 = impossible to delete 中的 = middle, center
  10. what 's you removed except msn ?
  11. hello someone has try to create a addon with raspppoe ? http://www.raspppoe.com/ thanks
  12. hello how to integrated this software ? from there : http://www.activewebcam.com/Downloads/AWC-PYS.exe thanks

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