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Is it possible to get this skin?

It is just original XP'S metallic luna theme. I used iconswap to inject a new bitmap and dialogs.

%WinDir%\Resources\Themes\luna\luna.msstyles, METALLIC_STARTBUTTON_BMP, METALLIC_STARTBUTTON_BMP.bmp ;change to an orb

[String Table]
%WinDir%\explorer.exe, 37, 37.rc ;replaces 'start' on button with ' '
%WinDir%\explorer.exe, 38, 38.rc ;replaces 'start' on button with ' '

[Delete Bitmap]
%WinDir%\explorer.exe, 143 ;deletes the current button bitmap


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I messed around a little more with the Windows orb thing. It looks pretty good now.

It is now the 'full' orb without using a DesktopX overlay. You can see the results here:


On post #22 at joejoe, I provided a download for the latest IconSwap (vers 104). I will pass it on to XPero next.


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I notice that you must be a member at JoeJoe to get this so here it is again. Sorry you might need to be a member here to get this. HeHe.

You need a patched uxtheme.exe for Windows to accept this new theme.

Here are the resources (VistaOrb.zip). If you know how to use ResHacker, you can manually try this out yourself.

Or you can unzip VistaOrb.zip into your IconSwap folder, run and Browse for iconset.txt file in the VistaOrb folder (etc).

You need the latest IconSwap (vers. 104) for this.

You need to run my app called Tbar to turn on the tray\taskbar transparency. It is less than 3k and uses no resources after it is run.

Modify the registry so the transparency is applied at bootup:

HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run","TBar",,"C:\Windows\TBar.exe /a 255"

I have provided 'install_TBar.inf' to do this for you if you like.

Also you need to select the Silver Windows theme that comes with XP.




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EDIT: This has been edited. Please note there is a new version of TBar. June 18, 2007.

I have a new version of TBar which adds a little blue tinge to the non alpha part of the orb for a better look.

The bitmaps have been updated to match and largefonts and extralarge versions added.

Get it at post #66

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I have seen you at


so I assume that you want to try something without modding or adding dlls?

I couldn't find any really good non alpha icons for Win2k so I just moved up (down?) to XP. My new laptop needed something that only XP could give as well.

I remember seeing some older kde icon sets that looked ok. Maybe Google "24bit icon sets".

I grabbed a few V_sta transformation packs from the net and hand picked the icons I like. Some icons\bmps are from earlier (pre-V, Longhorn?) or from non-Ultimate versions of V, but I took what I liked. I install with IconSwap because I don't want anything else but the image resources changed.


I can't upload IconSwap here (636K) because of the 200K limit.

You should still be able to get it here:


at post #22 (iswap104.zip).

Just note that the 3 icons provided are for demonstration and they are really crude work. I think that I made them in 10 minutes. The idea is to find your own set of resources and write an iconset.txt file to match. I am not at my computer right now but later I will attach my iconset.txt file for XP if it is under 200k.

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Here is my current (but occasionally changing) iconset.txt file.

It will just show you where I am making my changes. If you use IconSwap, it may help relieve you of some typing too.

I won't provide the Vista resources though, sorry. There are many other folk willing to provide this.


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