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  1. As far as that is concerned, Ivan Leo Puoti doesn't compile win32 binaries of Wine since 0.9.14 in 2006.06.04... The most recent Wine version is 0.9.58, so if anyone is interested in seeing how the DLLs and progs now work, contact him to compile the most recent version...
  2. I don't know if this is of any interest, but couldn't the Nano98 tutorial from http://www.etek.chalmers.se/~e8gus/nano98/ provide some hints of how many files are needed for a minimal functional win9X OS? IMAO, this way it could be possible to find out where to start working...
  3. I posted this there because I thought that most of the programs and DLLs developed for ReactOS, as well as FreeDOS command programs, could be used on a Windows 9x Open Source OS... There's no need to code parts that are already out there.... The kernel and driver handling part would have to be written from scratch though... (I'm not a programmer, so I may be wrong... )
  4. Hi! I'd like to report that I have suggested a similar project on the ReactOS Forums, but I got mixed answers: "React16" and "React98" concepts Viable? I still use Windows 98SE on a VM and on a PC, so I find this initiative very interesting...
  5. There are, but the free ones don't have batch support...
  6. I must say that i'm really surprised that a simple comment on the blog would generate such things. It's good to know that we are coming to a step closer on having Xpize (or Vize) in 64-bit flavours. Maybe it's too soon to ask, but will this new patching method allow to build a xpize vesion that will run on both 32-bit and 64-bit OSes or will they be separated? (I'm asking this because of the XIS dev... )
  7. If I new that the NTCore's admin were so nice, i'd have contacted him sooner... Anyway, a syntax similar to Reshacker would be nice, like you said.
  8. From NTCore's Blog: So, XPero, Zedox, etc. this is great news! Please help the developer on the best way the batch support should be implemented!
  9. Just to report that i got an answer from NTcore. Please check it out and join the discussion at the blog Here!!
  10. I did my share.... What's the name of the app? Are you talking about RFE?
  11. Let's all ask NTcore to develop batch support for their 64-bit resource editor....
  12. These aren't really bugs, but, in my opinion, the following icons should be XPized: - WMV file icon, when Windows Media Player 10 is Installed. - Internet Options icon in the Control Panel (is Vista-like, if IE7 is installed) - Software Explorers Icon in Control Panel (Windows Defender related) - the CDF icon dosen't exist anymore (due to IE7): I suggest icon-file association like you did with PDFs, PHPs, etc.; for legacy purposes (I know, this one is pushing it too hard )
  13. Hi all! Does anyone know a version on windows defender that works on Windows 2000? I heard that some of the betas worked with it until Microsoft dropped the support... Thank you for your time!
  14. Because sometimes, you just have to move with the times... Indeed... However, with the XPize 4.6 source out, the people interested in support on IE6 can compile their own version of a "legacy" XPize with IE6 support.
  15. Hi all! Just to say that XPize works fine on my PC (WinXP Pro Portuguese) and XPized IE7 is working fine as well. However, some icons are needing to be XPized: WMV icon (could be reverted to the WMP10 icon instead) Internet Options Icon on Control Panel Systems Explorer Icon on Control Panel All these 3 are vista-like icons, so it would be nice if they were XPized.
  16. It is a solution. While keeping IE6... As far as I'm concerned it didn't give me any problems (I'm using Internet Explorer 7 Portuguese). @XPero My advice is that you uncheck the IE7 XPize option by default and let users use it at their own risk (with a proper warning), but don't remove it completely. I also noticed that after XPizing, my WMV files remained with the vista-like icon that came with Windows Media Player 11. Have you included it (ie, the XP WMV10 icon)? Another thing I noticed is that IE7 doesn't support CDF files anymore, so it cut off the file association. Because of it, can you make XPize to associate the proper icon to CDF files again, for legacy reasons?
  17. Hi all! Does anyone knows how do I compare two TXTSETUP.SIF files? Is there a program for it? Thanks in advance... EDIT: I found out that WinMerge is a possibility, but I was looking for a specific program that would compare the two TXTSETUP.SIF files and detect file duplications, sintax errors, etc...
  18. I found the solution: TransDesktop! This program wasn't intended for Windows XP, but it works fine. The only problems with it are: - the PC becomes slower - the text colour setting is independent from the windows theme engine, which means that if you change your desktop theme, you'll have to ajust the text colour yourself - Pricy, Outdated??
  19. Is it possible to get this skin? I know that this is a bit offtopic, but is anyone thinking about making a "XIS Vista Edition"?
  20. I was missing the Internet Explorer Channel Bar from windows 98, so I decided to try to install it in windows xp. I found an article about how to do it on windows 98, and I decided to try it on windows xp (using a win98 cd). I did the following: Added to the registry: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Desktop\Components] "DeskHtmlVersion"=dword:0000010f "DeskHtmlMinorVersion"=dword:00000001 "Settings"=dword:00000001 "GeneralFlags"=dword:00000001 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Desktop\Components] "Source"="131A6951-7F78-11D0-A979-00C04FD705A2" "SubscribedURL"="131A6951-7F78-11D0-A979-00C04FD705A2" "FriendlyName"="Internet Explorer Channel Bar" "Flags"=dword:00000003 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main] "Show_ChannelBand"="Yes" Then I extracted the Win98\Chl99.cab file on the Windows 98 Second Edition CD-ROM to a temp folder and executed the Chl99.inf. Everything worked more or less as expected, but when I enable the active desktop, the icons don't have the transparencies any more (see pic). Does anyone knows how to solve this icon transparencies problem?
  21. Thanks! I guess I didn't search with the right keywords after all... Sorry for repeating this subject on a second post everyone...
  22. Nice! Meanwhile, can you post the resouces here (I want to burn my windows unatended build and would like to change it before burning) and the files names that I have to change with ResHack?
  23. One thing that XPize could do when patching the windows xp cd would be to change the skin of the windows installation program to a more "Royale" version. I already requested it here, but maybe I was wrong on thinking that someone around here has already done it (I've searched the MSFN forum and Googled for it but I didn't find anything about it).
  24. I think I've seen this somewhere but I can't remember where... (I've serched the forums). Does anyone know a way to change the windows installation skin to a more MCE themed?

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