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Icon Swap software


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Thanks. Seems this big world is not so big.


WildBill has a app. called IconViewer that (with other functions) removes the alpha channel from the XP type icons so that Win2k can use XPize. I think, though I have not tried, you can just use the alpha channel modification part and then use the modified icons in IconSwap.


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I'll try to post it up here.


The total filespace required to upload all the attached files is greater than your per post or global limit. Please reduce the number of attachments or the size of the attachments.

I'll send an email.

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itried it and its getting better than it was

Keep a copy of the original 32bit icons because I know that someone will figure out the fix for 2000 :)

A few more icon locations to play with:

%SysDir%\shell32.dll, 20, 20.ico ;Programs in menu

%SysDir%\shell32.dll, 37, 20.ico ;Programs in menu

%SysDir%\shell32.dll, 22, 22.ico ;Settings in menu

%SysDir%\shell32.dll, 23, 23.ico ;Search in menu

%SysDir%\shell32.dll, 134, 23.ico ;Search in menu

Once again, of course, substitute your.ico files for the ones that I am using.

So far, I have only used 16x16,32x32,48x48 multi-icons which are mostly 32bit. Win2k doesn't seem to care but will display them 8bit (256 colors), whatever.

I haven't been able to find the battery icons for laptops for the tray. Any idea?

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yeah i think thats found in batt.dll just like in XP.

i have found all of those in xp, and maybe they are in 2ooo on the same place.

i will look in to it and then send you a list.

see you after the weekend.

bye bye damian666 :hello:

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Hey D.

Nope, my batt.dll only holds the icon shown.

BTW, don't know if you can tell but my screen is set to your V_sta pack.

I am actually running (right now) your pack but some of the icons aren't quite the same so I guess it is set up for XP?

My 3 year old wants a few happy faces. She wants the do-do-do and the red blah-blah-blah and the heart one:



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hi squeeto, well i have had a look, and found a whole bunch of the icons in 2000.

i tried it on my 2000 installation by integrating them in my setup files.

and it works fine!

and that first v_sta pack is really made for 2000.

so maybe its a mistake :blushing: or something thats not done yet.

i will send you what i got so far.

umm its 10mb so i dont know if i can send it by email.

ill try.


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i will send you what i got so far.

umm its 10mb so i dont know if i can send it by email.

Got it .... Wow.

That is a lot of work. Is that every icon finished now?

You should post this for others.

If you do post, attach a small readme.txt to it so that people know to copy their I386 folder to D:\WIN2000 before running the 1-collect.cmd (etc.) files.

I just reinstalled Win2k (I mean like yesterday!) so I probably won't try your V_sta pack until I need to do that chore again.

Also, just thought, do you need a modified SFC.dll or SFCFILES.dll for this to work? If so, include this in an INCLUDE folder to be automatically copied as well.


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well no problem man, i like to do that stuff so, and no its not done man.

i think there are still icons left to change.

i will keep searching...

and no you dont need to have a custum sfc file.

because you patch your install files, windows wont even know that its the wrong resource.

cool huh.

oh that cmd stuff, is not mine btw, i just customized it to my needs.

and you can post it if you like.

for our little project!



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  • 1 month later...

Damian has done a lot of work on his own icon set with an accompanying installer. We are still testing it but it should be finished soon.

Congratulations to Damian and watch for a download soon. :)

He has found most of the icons, bitmaps and avis that hide in Windows 2000. I adapted his source list to come up with a nearly complete iconset.txt file that can be used for IconSwap.

The iconset.txt file for Win2k has been updated - Jan. 9, 2007

(I have installed XP and probably won't update iconset.txt for Win2k as often)

The XP version (XP.txt) has been added and updated - Feb. 12, 2007



Edited by Squeeto
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hi squeeto, well you have been busy!

its long and hard work huh, making a list like that.

i know man, all those reshackscripts i wrote, my fingertips hurt if i think off it!

well, nice job man and thanx for the credit, i hope to have the v-p-2000 within a week or so.

speak you soon.



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