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On the desktop contest, I've seen many different wonderful apps but I did not found any place on msfn with them.

The goal of this topic is to create a place where people can share them.

And in fact, it doesn't need to be an app. It can also be a plugin (for LS for instance), a desklet, docklet, a shell extension or even a theme.

Just write the name, a quick description with a link, a screenshot, a comment if you have any and if it still developped (and the price if it is not free...)


[Docklet] Mail Checker by Andreas Verhoeven

Checks emails from any pop server, multiple accounts, labels can be edited, runs in AveDesk. :)

Maybe handles IMAP, not sure. Seems to be unsupported now. :(



Your turn. :w00t:

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RocketDock: Most feature-rich and stable dock I've used so far.

CD Art Display: Excellent support for multiple players.

Rainlendar & Rainmeter: Oldies but goodies. Can't survive w/out Rainlendar. :P

ClocX: Only analog clock I've found that has chimes and alarms.

Yahoo! Widgets: Mostly for the weather. I'd dump it for a decent Rainmeter config.

jetAudio media player: Very convenient when in toolbar mode. The external spectrum window is cool, too.


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Samurize does everything I could ask for. For free. It is quite lean despite its extensive capabilities.


Samurize is an advanced system monitoring and desktop enhancement engine for Windows 2000/XP/2003. IT professionals, overclockers, gamers and desktop modders alike use Samurize for system information, weather reports, news headlines and much much more. And best of all, Samurize is 100% free!

Samurize's rich feature set includes:

• an unrivalled set of built-in meters (Disk utilization, CPU usage, network traffic, system temperatures...)

• ultimate customizing and skinning possibilities with no programming knowledge required

• monitoring your own computer or others over a network

• tiny memory footprint and CPU usage

• the first system monitoring tool with a true WYSIWYG editor

• full extensibility via scripts and plugins with a powerful plugin SDK/API

• minimal software requirements (no .NET or Service Packs necessary)

• multimonitor support

• many usage options (desktop, taskbar and clock clients, server outputting to XML or image formats, screensaver)

Samurize: The Only Limit Is Your Imagination.

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[Docklet App] PodXP by leFool

A program with many features like AveDesk but also some others and most important, a different approach.

Latest version is 1.1b. There has been no update for 6 months but the beast is stable and runs great. Of course, it is free.



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[Dock] Rocket Dock

Free dock for windows which is amazingly fast : default config takes 640MHz at max. A faster mode is available.

It supports lots of icons types, under Vista you can get live window previews, it supports ObjectDock docklets, MobyDock, ObjectDock, RK Launcher, and Y'z Dock skins and is available in many languages.

Windows can be minimized to it in a nice effect (not like the one in XP) and this doesn't take much CPU power.

You can add elements by drag-and-dropping them for explorer or start menu, you can remove them in the same way and it is also possible to reorganize them with drag-and-drop.

A demo video is available on their website.



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So far, I've been using AveDesk and TrueLaunchBar (there are things that the Samurize Task bar configs just can't do as easily).

I've been playing with Samurize, but to recreate my AveDesk layout (or something as functional) is taking a while... :S

Why can't they just let a picture be a link?! Gotta make an image and then a blank linked text area on top of the picture... :no:

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