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  1. Hi all, Can anyone explain how to set hyperterminal parameters like COM PORT,Bitrate etc from command line?or is there any way to set these things automatically without user intervention in VB6?Actually i have to set the hyperterminal settings using a VB application that has some other functionalities also.Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. CMD program run background

    Thanks for the reply. I may explain my need.I want an app to run in startup.But i wish it to run after 4 minutes of startup.So i thought of writing a batch file which has a pause of 4 minutes and then calls the app.then i will put this in the startup.But if i do this as explained,a command window will pop up at startup and will wait till the execution completes.But i want to do this silently without the user being known of it.Is there any way to do this.I dont want to do this using scheduled task.Also i will like to know how this is done in windows as it is done in linux. Thanks in advance..
  3. Hi , Can anyone tell me how to run a program in background in command prompt.For eg:if i have to run an example.exe in command prompt without the command prompt being show,what i have to do?Thanks in advance..
  4. My computer properties not appearing

    Hi,thanks for the advice... i had the file in the system32.But the size was different from the same file i had in the other XP installation in my PC(i have two XP installations so that if any problem with one-and i usually have when i experiment- i can use the other..).SO i copied the file from there and replaced here..now it works all right.. can anyone pls say what all things like this i hav to keep a back up im case of any data corruption..also is there any software that will revert the recent changes to windows default ones like the 'smart virus renover'..thanks in advance..
  5. Copying Really large files

    Apart from the FAT32 issue, u can try this software also.. http://www.roadkil.net/downloads/unstopcp-4b.zip
  6. What Firefox Extensions do you use?

    I use Add to search bar Block site FasterFox Down them all World IP WOT Zotero
  7. Hi all, i have got this problem in my PC .When i try to get the properties window of My computer,i am not able to get it.I tried windowskey+break,control panel->system,and right clicking my computer.Nothing is working.Can anyone help?Thanks in advance...
  8. False Positive using SpyBot S&D ?

    why dont you check it up with spybot's website...
  9. Annoying Worm

    more details of adobeR.exe http://www.trendmicro.com/vinfo/virusencyc...me=WORM_RJUMP.D to remove it pls go to any of these links... http://www.trendmicro.com/vinfo/virusencyc....D&VSect=Sn http://www.greatis.com/appdata/d/a/adober.exe.htm i think kaspersky automatically detects and removes this one...
  10. U may get into any porn/warez site with ur mcafee siteadvisor or weboftrust in ur browser turned on and u can get details of the malware in that site which u may download...hope this will help u..
  11. Does anyone know how to edit the shell32.dll so that we can change the icons and appearances like changing the icons for all folders in system??
  12. Share your favorite desktop apps

    @Laracroft:hey..this atomicalarmclock is nice to watch on the tray... : )
  13. Adobe Reader vs Sumatra PDF memory usage

    thanks for the info..but im afraid i cant afford it....
  14. Tweaking Sites

    I hav been using GameXP for tweaking windows( ucan get it at http://www.theorica.net/download.htm )...but some antivirus softwares detect it as a virus and delete it..may be because it modifies the registry values...also some of my friends hav got problem using it...so if u r using it better create a restore point and work on it...
  15. Adobe Reader vs Sumatra PDF memory usage

    @Transenery:thanks for the registry value... @crahak:Isnt the VM being used is the memory taken from the pagefile ??then it also should be in proportion to the RAM usage right??