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Windows XP or 2003


Windows XP or 2003  

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  1. 1. Which windows do you prefer/use?

    • Windows XP
    • Windows 2003

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Why bother moving it to the poll center? That's already a couple threads and polls like this.

As everyone's already said, XP for desktops, and 2003 for servers. That's what they're meant for, and are better suited for. Besides, have you seen the price tag on win 2003? That alone should prevent most people from even considering it (beisdes 12yo kids pirating it and then using it for gaming and such just because they can).

If you need IIS6/RRAS/DNS/WINS/RIS/MSMQ/WMS or such server components, or need to install server software (SQL Server, ISA, Exchange, ...) or server purposes (corporate file/web server, terminal server/citrix, mail server, VPN, etc - and I'm not talking about home use or a for couple users) then you use 2003. Otherwise you use XP. Pretty simple...

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i see this poll to many times...

XP for workstation, 2003 for server...simple reasoning of cost.

you dont walk into a company which has all its workstations on 2003!

and i prefer both, xp best for workstation, 2003 best for server :P

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