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  1. Hello I have aster XP which is a software that allows you to use 2 keyboads, 2 mice, 2 monitors in 1 pc at the same time working as if there are 2 independent computers, I wanna upgrade to vista so i want to know if there is such a software like that as aster is only 4 xp and there is betwin VS but the problem is that i need separate graphics card, which i cant afford right now. Any suggestions? I love aster coz i can play undercover and other games like red alert 3 in both "stations"
  2. well then im going to rma it... what card to u recommend for gaming at 1680x1050? preferably nvidia coz i want CUDA and i already bought TMPGEnc
  3. well i underclocked the memory speed from 900mhz to 720, nos there are no more crashes i have no idea why tsc i have to decrease the performance so i can play so what i want to know is if its hardware problems so i can RMA
  4. already took it out and even tried to blow air with desk fan but same the problem doesnt want to go...
  5. I use a 2x 4pin molex to 6 pin pci express to supply power is that bad?
  6. I downloaded a program called video memory stress test from softpedia and it says theres no errors...
  7. I dont think the BSOD is the result of the temps coz as the log shows, the temps only reached 67C and ive got my card to run at 95C without crashing.... as for the video ram, how do i test it?
  8. today i did more investigating and it seems that it really is not the problem of temperatures... its something else... but im not sure what I configured everest to log the temps and then i put test drive unlimited which is the game that crashes the fastest... when i saw the log after the crash, is saw that in the time the pc crashed the temps were 65C which is not that much... when i tried furmark the temp reached 95 but the p didnt crash heres the screen when the pc crashes then after that BSOD appears... heres the pic of the graphics card heres my pc... heres the box zoomed any help? I ve tested my RAM with memtest no errors, also with the windows memory diagnostics... no error EDIT: i've attached the log also temps_2008_12_26_22_19_15_log.htm
  9. well tried the desk fan and the graphics just lowered some 5-6C with the fan in max speed, i dont think it did affect that much coz with a normal 80mm fan blowing directly it lowers 2-3C well the CPU idles 52 while gaming it goes to 60 max and i have no idea how to cool the southbridge, are there some special southbridge coolers? the cpu came with a thermatake fan... which is supposed to be better than the original fans
  10. I ran everest today and i see the following temps at idle HDDs = 41, 42 and 39 Motherboard = 36 CPU = 47 GPU = 58 North Bridge = 48 South Bridge = 66 Temperature #2 (i have no idea it of what component) = 45 After 20mins of Prime95 Blend tests, the temps were as follows: HDDs = 46, 49 and 46 Motherboard = 47 CPU = 71 GPU = 60 North Bridge = 49 South Bridge = 69 Temperature #2 (i have no idea it of what component) = 54 And btw today the ambient temperature is lower than usual.... the max temps of the gpu i've seen was in furmark with 1440x900 windowed for 10 mins with 16x AA it reached 95C but didnt crash the pc... Do u think there is a fault of any other component? and MERRY CHRISTMAS to all
  11. well i have a FSP group 400w power supply with 2 x 12v rails at 18A each.... how do i know if my memory is okay? btw the power supply came with the case which is generic..
  12. UPDATE.... I tried downgrading the drivers and tried running Test drive unlimited, it took longer to crash, btw i would always get BSOD of 0x00000116 and nvlddmkm.sys. Any help?
  13. I ran tests on FurMArk and here are the results... 10secs 83C 1440x900 1min 94C 1280x1024 10min 95c 1440x900 all 16x AA 4got to note the marks
  14. well here the dust level is quite high, and about the air flow, my box stays inside a quite crowded desk... and well if cant really do anything else i think ill have to put the "desk" fan blowing on it... but ill only do that when the room for the computer is ready... i was also thinking of ordering a Vantec pci slot cool to put right besibe the graphics card as i dont want to void guarantee and a new effective heatsink is quite expensive, so i was wondering if somebody here can tell me if this can work..... thanks for all your help EDIT: heres the link to the vantec pci slot cooler also i saw some antec ones... Antec Super Cyclone Blower Antec Cyclone Blower Antec VCool If you think pci slot coolers may help, which one do u think is best, it can be 1 or 2 slot as i have 2 slots free beside my graphics... If you know any other kind of pci slot cooler then and you think it is better than any of the above then please feel free to tell me
  15. Hello i recently bought a Inno3D 9800GT 1G graphics card, i installed it and it was running nicely in vista... then i started playing some games, i played NFS undercover at full graphics nicely but when i put test drive unlimited to max the pc crash some red spots appeared and the pc stopped responding, after that whenever i put TDU the screens gets the red spots and crashes, then i tried assasins creed i was playing the tutorial with no problem when in some point it just crashes... I decided to check the temperature, i saw it was 65C at idle, normal work no games.... then i went to the netlooking for ideal temps, i saw most of the ppl have idle at 40C do u have any suggestions on how to decrese the temperature, preferably without changing the heatsink. I am not 100% sure that the cause of the crashes is really the heat, so if any1 of u ever experince this please advice on how to get rid of this problem Im guessing its because of the hot climate of Mozambique, do u think it could be because of a faulty card? btw i have the following system C2Q q6600 not overclocked (the motherboard says that the margin of the temperature is 40C) 2x2gb ddr2 800 intel dq965Gf thanks for ur support
  16. Hello Im having trouble deciding between a few graphic cards, so i decided to ask you... XFX - Geforce 9600GT 512MB DDR3 DUAL DVI PCI-E MSI - RADEON RX3850 512MB DDR3 2XDVI/PCI- E/TV-OUT Asus - EN9600GT/HTDI/512M Asus - Radeon HD3850 512MB DDR3 All graphic Card have 512mb and GDDR3 I have the following system: Intel DQ965GF Motherboard Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.4GHz 4gb DDR2 800 I wont overclock any. I will be gaming at a resolution of 1280 x 1024. Which do you think is the highest performance card? BTW, I'll be doing video editing, if my editing is affected by the video card, which would be better for the video editing also... Thanks...
  17. i have the latest ones, b4 it wasnt like that..... after installing xp sp3, the problem started
  18. Hello I have a wireless network adapter in my desktop pc and everytime a connect to a network the network icon shows that it is not connected, so i try to connect by myself, when i go do that, windows says im connected, and i really am. everytime, it shows its not connected icon, sometimes it shows the limited or no connectivity icon when i try to manually connect, it says connected... i dont know the reason for this but its really bugging me... i have VISTA SP1 and my network card is XterraSys XN-2523G EDIT: also i used vista w/o SP1, the upgraded it to SP1 and didnt encounter this type of problem... then i installed XP SP3 (coz i was having problems with my vista always crashing the pc, which i think is because of high download speeds, and everytime i right-click ou do cut(CTRL+Z) explorer restarts by itself.... any1 with a solution to this?), i started to get this network icon problem, the i installed Vista with SP1 intergrated... thanks in advance...
  19. Intel and on-chip VGA? Forget about that, it will run way slower then your ATi Radeon 9200. Get your self a older 6600GT or 7600GS or so, they should be cheap now. Do you have any link to the shop you are going to buy your new stuff from? Yes, I will buy a new graphic card. But first I have to decide if I upgrade or not My actual PC only supports AGP and the one I'm planning to upgrade to only supports PCI Express..... The shop doesnt have a link.... Ohh, whats your opinion, would you upgrade if you would do what I stated above for $250, is it really worth while?
  20. Hello I was thinking of upgrading my PC.... I need your reccomendation.. My specs are as follows: P4 3.0 1mb Cache 1gb DDR 333 ASRock P4i65GV ATi Radeon 9200 128mb Maxtor 6L160M0 SATA 1.5GB/s (160gb) Seagate ST380011A IDE (80gb) Sony DVD-RW I was thinking of upgrading to: Core 2 Duo E6420 (2.13GHz 4mb 1066MHz) 2gb DDR2 800 Motherboard dont really know... Graphics will be internal.. Maxtor 6L160M0 SATA 1.5GB/s (160gb) 250gb Hard Drive SATA 3.0GB/s Sony DVD-RW The trade-in for my old one to this new config will cost around $250 So I was thinking if it is a reasonable price to pay for a PC that I will use for Games, Video Editing (VideoStudio and possibly PremierPro) and surfing the net The games I expect to play are Football Manager, PES, FIFA and many of the available RTS games What are your suggestions?
  21. Hello Ppl Here´s the story: I recently installed Vista on my laptop and desktop..... I setup everything including the network, everything is workong fine.... untli i tried to used my printe wirelessly from my laptop. i tried to connect by going to network->DESKTOP->HP PSC 1410. then a window popped up saying ¨Connecting to HP PSC 1410 on DESKTOP¨ after a while it shows up a message ¨Windows cannot connect to the printer. Unable to find the core driver package that is required by the printer driver package¨ i tried disablin password protection, but still no luck I am using an HP PSC 1410 series printer and installed the latest verstrion of the drivers. Do you have any ideas on how i can fix this problem and start using my printer over a network?
  22. hi ppl, I am multi booting win xp mce, win xp ultimate edition,and server 2003 sandard. win 2003 and mce work fine but the ultimate edition (with mce & tabletpc) dont when the setup strts to copy the files, the setup says it cant copy soem files, the problem starts with acerscan (somthin like that) in vmware, i even tried a brand new cd. if i try with the win xp ultime alone, it works anyway thanks in advance PriZM3D

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