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Combine two internet connections


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I have a 6 megabits cable internet connection, and recently I got another 6 megabits dsl internet connection by mistake. The funny thing is I only have one computer!! Both of the ISP's have contracts, so I cannot get rid of either one of them.

How can I use both of them simultaneously? My dsl speed is 6mbps, and my cable is 6mbps as well. Is there a way to combine the two connections and get 12mbps speed?

Obviously, I am not good in networking. :P

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@ LLXX > lol nice statement - but a helpfull link would be helpfull as well,

@ TOTO > hmmz hang on ill try to find some good explaining about this,

in the mean time you may just want to look at google

probably with a search Q = Redundant internet conection howto

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Thanks for replying guys.

@LLXX: Could you explain to us how this can be done? Because I saw some posts suggesting the same thing, but they didn't mention how to do it.

@-I-: Yeah I did some research earlier. However, I wasn't able to find the right answer. Others say that it is posible if you use a special router. But it costs about 200 bucks! :lol:

@nitroshift: Thanks for the link. I am reading it now. I saw some softwares that can do the load balancing for you.

According to the link, I can only do load balancing, but I cannot combine the two connections to get a faster speed. That is fine with me. I just want to make use of both of them simultaneously. Unfortunately, I still have to buy a special router! :(

There has to be a way to do this.. What if I use one with direct connection and the other one with wireless?

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You have also the hardware solution !

=> Two xDSL connections on one box !!

Linksys RV042

Link to Product


The Test by Clubic.com ! (in english !)



I think netgear or dlink have same solutions, but i don't remember the references !


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A couple of devices I know can do it are obviously Cisco routers.. you will need a dual wan router. but you are talkin expensive stuff..

Sonicwall firewalls have a feature pack that will allow you to load balance multiple lines however you are still nearing the 1000 dollar mark..

Your cheapest bet is to go with one of those linux routers and have them do it. It is just simple routing and path manipulation.

EDIT: after reading about product posted by KRYOGENUIS. 39 bucks is hardly a bad deal


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