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Need A DVD Movie & Game Collection


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am starting my own Movies & PS, PS2 & PC Game Collection

do u hav or do u know anyone who has a collection of DVDs with somthing like more than 1,000 orig copies?

basically i'd need somthing like 3,000 movies & maybe like 500 games

send me a private message if u have and we can talk from there onwards

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personally like alot of people said go to ebay. They have "lots" of many items for sale. just search lot with videogame/movies.

Also to be honest I would never really get into game collecting again like that. I have so many games around me I just get so tired of them all. Game collecting is for kiddies.

If you are going to start selling games go and find a supplier by asking a freindly game vendor. Like you can just call Nintendo and they wil tell you where to buy there products in bulk or stocks.

about movie colection I would checkout downloading movies whichh is far more cheaper then buying movies. Which I am not going to talk about. It is not really about everything being playable just viewable on your computer.

Also movies never have a original release which is whatever is the storage standard that is locked up and never see the light of day for most cases.

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