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how much ram does ur xp use?


xp memory  

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    • 100mb
    • 200mb
    • 300mb
    • 400mb
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    • 1000mb

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just wondering how much ram usage you guys are getting on xp. this is just b/c ive heard that vista is suppose to use 500mb of ram, i dont know if this is true, let me know if im wrong. but with my programs that are running right now which is almost none, im getting a little under 400mb of ram used.

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300-400MB here. it mostly uses closer to 300MB though. if i have no open programs(well the non-important ones), it gets down to about 100-200(closer to 200)

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well im just talking about what the performance tab in the task manager says. is there a more accurate way?

meh. the RAM that's showed on the Task Manager tab is nothing. a lot of programs can use up a LOT of virtual memory. Process Explorer shows Opera using at least 100MB memory ;).

edit: here's an ss of that i mean


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