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Recovery Apps for non-bootables


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What you need will depend very much on the reason of not booting XP & the error messages that you mey be getting.

I'm not looking for anything specific. Just some cool apps that may be useful during troubleshooting. I was wondering if there's other reputable apps like ERD, that package a bunch of recovery/repair tools in a bootable CD. Thanks.


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The original question is too vague. A non-bootable system may be due to a simple error that can easily be fixed by the RC, or a bootable system may have serious errors that are hard to fix.

ERD Commander is a variant of WinPE. He's really asking what apps to put inside a BartPE, UBCD or the likes. I'm not aware of any apps that will do "auto-registry repairs, and crash/file-dump analyzing".

But one BartPE that I've seen includes (not exhaustive list):

ERD Commander

7 tools Partition Manager

McAfee AV

McAfee Stinger

Ghost 8

Disk Commander

Easy Recovery Pro

Final Data

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