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ASUS A7N8X Deluxe 2.0 no temprature readings?


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Hi there, anyone familiar with this board on 98SE?

I have bios 1008

I can't get anything to tell me my temps and voltages, etc.

I tried pc prob, speedfan(which just freezes) and pc wiz and mbm5, cpu z, etc.

I can go to bios and see them but that is not right.

Anyone know this issue and could please help?


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no i didn't get the disk.

I can make a nero image of the disk if you have somewhere I can upload it to for you. I don't have much room left on my webspace right now (3 kids 2 digital camera full webserver).

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thanks there folks,

I did try the asus probe and it was blank readings and i seen somewhere there's a old version that worked.

can you email the image?

maybe the probe zipped up.

I could use the 98 IDE drivers if there is any.....thank you

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I think I got the latest drivers....

I dont like XP

could the sensor chip be damaged?

I notice that it is close to the IDE led, maybe someone put the red led on the smi bus pin and blew it?

i dont know what else to do except load xp for fun and see if its a-ok.....

thanks guys



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