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Hard as in "Here are 50 monsters. They want to kill you. Here are 5 bullets. You shoot things with them. Here's a rubber ducky. You can maybe try to use it as armor somehow if you're really creative. Have a nice day. Bye."

:lol: :lol: :lol:

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Personally I wish I could be an advisor on the development team or whatever they call them selfs and help them get a wider audience.

The problem with the game it is a simulator and to be honest I feel like a loser when I play a simulator sometimes. Like growing crops, building theme parks, and playing football. I mean Simulators is really nice at what they do but simulating is war is so boring for a person who wants some fun and not another lecture about how and why we should do things.

Also they took out alot of stuff which they use to train people on the base (whatever pryimids thingies).

You are not really missing anything with this game but otherwise checkout still.

Another game in relations to this is "Bio-Terrorism" a gba game which use a Metal Slug Game Engine. really nice but again a simulator.

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