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Test NEW PC speed before and after removing junk and trials?


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I just bought a brand new notebook pc, i usually build my desktops but cannot build a notebook. Thus i have quite a bit of junk files and such on my machine. I know the benefit of getting free space and have less startup items. But i would prefer to know how much other benefit and actually how much free space or at least know how much faster my machine is without the junk.

I suppose i would need a benchmarking proggy am i not right?

Could i be reccomended some worthy proggies?

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ya i was thinking of nliting it as my desktop is. but it has all the toshiba stuff for the touchpad and everything, i suppose i could just find it online or such.

i do plan to nlite eventually but in the meantime i would prefer to have a test to find out how much faster it actually is without that crap. can i have some reccomendations for sw to test?

4x faster, thats wonderful. i am still experimenting with nlite myself but its hard cause sometimes i get applications errors and wireless stops working but its a process i must go through i suppose.

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