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I have used Nero 6 to 7, i am quite happy with either one and have not had a problem with 7, I was a Roxio user but when i had problem trying to create a boot version windows xp with updates, no go. in what way do you belive it slows your system. You can choose to install certian relivent prgrams or go full package. .

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I'm wondering why people say that Nero 7 is "crap". It's a really objective opinion without much backup. Like I said before, I've never had any problems with any of the Nero 7 lineup, and considering that unless there's something seriously flawed with v6, it's not going to get updated like v7 will be.

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I tried nero 7 when it first came out and burnt a few coasters, this may have been a user flaw instead of the program. I have tried later ones and they run great but a bit bloated. Then came nero 7 lite which has all the best of nero 7 without the bloat. This is what I am using now and have no problems with it.

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dont say *CRAP*

like windows XP to Vista where Vista is VERY VERY heavier than XP

nero 7 incorporates NVE and Nero which was two packs till nero 6

thats why it heavy

but on using it's fine i hv no prblms with it

its all depends on u r usage

if u only have a cd writer the nero 6 enough

if u hav dvd writer and lots of DL or SL dvds to write or backup movies

then nero 7 will be a better option

Nero 7 handles DVDs better than nero 6

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One thing I've found with Nero is that if you upgrade from the version you installed it totally mucks up stuff.

I got Nero for use with DVDShrink and then found that I can edit .tivo files with NVExpress 1. I upgraded once to NVE2 after installation and it stopped working. I got a new hard drive down the road and installed NVE2 and it worked for editing my .tivo files again. I tried again starting with NVE1 upgrade to 2 and it didn't work.

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When aquiring new software such as nero, i would uninstall the previouse version and install the new versions.

I would to, but some programs allow for automatic updates of programs. Nero is one of these programs.

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I'm not sure what the problem is with Nero 7... I've been running it for a long time now and I haven't had any problems. I've made one coaster with it, but that was because the ISO I was trying to burn from was corrupted, so I'm not going to lay the blame on Nero.

If v7 is giving you troubles, try v6.


hmm... I have had nothing but trouble with it. I use it on 2 'media' pc's because of lack of other software with same features

here are a few things that really p*** me off:

1. I wanted to compress some DV movies to the much acclaimed nero’s MPEG4. Result was a 700KB file with resolution that would be bad even on a PDA, and no matter what I selected in the properties, I always had this very small resolution… that was probably a bug that has been fixed in their latest versions.

Fresh windows install problems:

2. I wanted to make a quick DVD, and what’s the best way to do so: NERO as I already have it. The user interface and simplicity is excellent .. and when my DVD project was finished and previewed I only had to press the encode and burn button. The resultant DVD, after 5h, was with zooming sound. (also the previous 2 encoding tries ended in an error after a few hours). Not to mention the quality of MPEG2 encoding on best quality settings … (for comparisons with best quality settings: TMPGEnc at 4Mbps produces better video quality than Nero MPEG2 encoder at 8Mbps, but it also takes a more time to encode)

3. The software installs stuff that you don’t want it to in stall: so many codecs, and ho know what other junk like the scout software. When you install Nero, you get an generic MPEG4 codec and much more .. but what’s the point for me to have one if it doesn’t work with VSfilter for subs (you get a black screen)? Also it installs a MPEG2 decoder which shows white lines below the screen on one of my computers.

4. When I had to put together a media PC for someone I chose for Nero because of the rich features: MPEG2 + other decoders, ‘best’ software for compilation burning of ANY kind .. and so on. In other words you get a lot of bang for the bucks... but when you compare the bang with the problems you get, the bang is no bang anymore: after updating Nero (Duthc), many media files lost correspondences with the particular software. (nero just deleted many extension associations for no reason) and not to mention the scout software that, even if you disable it, uses system resources while ‘nero burning rom’ is active. (Also, the updater, on the first update try, crashed constantly, so we had to download the full version from the net in hope it would be fixed is the updated version, which was so) Also, the Dutch translation is full of grammar errors.

5. Boy, that thing crashes whenever you need it. Just before I wrote this article I wanted to burn a cue/bin CD image. Guess what: exception .. blabla. That’s what made me go this forum, In search for an alternative for this incredibly buggy software. (Even the Logitech setpoint software is less buggy)

6. There are a few other minor things that I think of now, but I think I made my point.

7. Not to mention the almost 1GB large installation folder (full version) that it leaves in your temp folder and when you update, it makes another one lol…

The software I use and could (?) be the cause of any of those problems:

Divx 5.2.1 decoder (free)

Adobe acrobat + photoshop

Ms XP SP2 + office academic + VS for academic use + encoder + live messenger & toolbar & desktop search

Nvidia drivers (VGA)

Maple academic




(that’s most of it, as this software list provided to be very stable)

And nero ... but surely not for long anymore.



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