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  1. Dear scripters. Could I pick your brain once more... We have an FTP site where EDIs are pulled in. They then need to be renamed to get the *.EDI extension: ren *.* *.*.edi But amongst those files on the FTP site there are a lot of files with 0 byte size. We'd like for those NOT to be renamed. Or... another way of putting it, rename all files that are larger than 0 bytes. It would also be okay if we move the zero byte files to another folder and then rename whichever files are left. Is there some simple code for this you can assist me with? I salute you. 'nuff
  2. Thank you Gunsmoking man. :-) For now I'm using Yzöwl's script as batch files are slightly less abracadabra to me than VBS is. So far the Batch script seems to work perfectly fine for us. But I have archived your VBS script, nevertheless. Thanks very much. 'nuff
  3. Hi Everybody, Yes, I want to mass rename batch files. The batch will be scheduled to run daily. I know that the files are named TSP1PayStatusddmmyy where ddmmyy is the date. Eg. TSP1PayStatus010512. Usually there is only 1 new file per day, sometimes 2. A software application generates the file but they then need to be renamed on a daily basis so the system can process them correctly, after which they will be automatically removed / deleted. The developers won't correct the application so I need to rename these files manually on a daily basis. It's a quick job but surely this can be automated? I've googled and tried various scripts but none have worked so for. My batch script knowledge is very limited and the scripts I've tried so far are mostly just simple "ren" commands. I'm really looking for a simple batch file and not a utility like "BulkRename" as still will be running on a server and server team can be a bit picky about what's allowed to run on the server. I will give gunsmokingman's VBS script a try because it's nice and small. If not I'll give Yzöwl's batch script an attempt. Thank you all very much for your input, folks. I will test it and allow it to run for a few days and then report back the results. Cheers everybody. Have a good weekend in advance. :-) 'nuff EDIT: Just noticed the VBS script looks for a filename with the specific date in it. I can't replace that date with variables / wildcard characters, can I. For now it seems the batch example provided by Yzöwl works miracles. Thanks!
  4. I have files that need to be renamed via a batch command. The file name is like: TSP1PayStatus010512 The constants are "TSP1PayStatus" followed by the date. I need the "1" between "TSP" and "PayStatus" removed via a batch script so... TSP1PayStatus010512 should become TSPPayStatus010512. Any suggestions? Thanks very much. 'nuff
  5. CRC Verifycation Utility, Version 3.00

    PE Explorer http://www.heaventools.com/overview.htm
  6. Microsoft Outlook 2003

    Delete reg key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\OFFICE\11.0\OUTLOOK\Resiliency or try Outlook > Help > About > Disabled items If you see Outex.dll, select it and then click the enable button. Restart Outlook to see if it worked. Good luck.
  7. Start > Run > calc > view > scientific.
  8. Because you ask to quick? ;-) Besides, with a post count of two that must be a serious problem. :-D
  9. You can't get Java from MS anymore. MS was sued by Sun and had to remove their Java downloads. So basically you're now stuck with JRE from Sun. If you search very hard on the Internet you can still find the Java downloads from MS.
  10. drivers in folders image

    Yes you need to point to the folders in your winnt.sif
  11. drivers in folders image

  12. Integrating screensaver to xp cd

    No you don't need to edit your winnt.sif. Yes, all files placed in the $$ folder will be automatically copied to your windows folder.
  13. Integrating screensaver to xp cd

    Put the .SCR files in your $OEM$\$$\SYSTEM32 folder and you should be okay.
  14. I'm currently discussing with Andrew84 about releasing my MSI file with Vista sounds for XP / 2000 I've worked hard and long on this MSI package. It works for unattended installs and doesn't overwrite the current sound scheme. I've also added the WinNT, Win95, and Win98 Sound schemes, all selectable through the Sounds and Devices > Sound schemes. As a bonus I have added some Vista backgrounds and screensavers, and all Desktop Themes for Win95 / 98 / NT / Plus! So the MSI package is rather large, mostly because of the themes.
  15. Best Starwars Movie Poll

    Hours? Ages you mean! The guy is now working on The Empire Strikes Back... and we should see that around 2010... hopefully.