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Differences between Pentium II & III


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We have a 7 year old pc here, with an Intel SR440BX motherboard. It came with 64MB 100MHz RAM, now it has 128MB 133MHz + 256MB 133MHz RAM, offcourse working at 100MHz because the board only supports 66 & 100 MHz. The cpu is an Pentium II 400MHz. Now I found a second hand Pentium III 550MHz for only a couple of €'s. The maximum the board can handle is a Pentium III 600MHz. Will there be a noticable gain in performance? It's only 150MHz difference but maybe the PIII has some more features. We don't need to buy a new pc or spend a lot of money on it because it's doing fine what we want it to do: scanning, printing, office, windows xp, internet. If we can boost performance with only a few €'s it would be nice.


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Thank you guys for your response. I will try to get this stuff, the owner didn't respond yet though. I don't really have the choise between Katmai and Coppermine, this information is most of the time not known. Maybe the SR440BX only supports the slowest.

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