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  1. ssmokee

    Adjustable FSB/DDR ratio

    After thinking about it more thats what I thought. The HT bus is adjustable from 200-255, but that doesnt get mentioned.
  2. ssmokee

    Adjustable FSB/DDR ratio

    In the spec listed for this AM2 motherboard, under over-clocking it reads (2) Adjustable FSB/DDR ratio. Is that just a confusing way of saying the HT bus multiplier is adjustable?
  3. ssmokee

    Differences between Pentium II & III

    That board should be able to run upto a 650MHz coppermine I think. See this article.
  4. ssmokee

    Differences between Pentium II & III

    There are two types of p3's with different cores, Katmai's and Coppermine's. Get the Coppermine version if you can (it has faster L2 cache).
  5. ssmokee

    VCore Setting

    Im pretty sure CnQ is the culprit. If you have a BIOS option to disable/enable CnQ, try disabling it and see what sandra says then.
  6. ssmokee

    hard drive speed

    Could you post the batch file? I looked on your site but none of the filenames I saw looked like they would be it.
  7. ssmokee

    Epox EP-9NPA3 Ultra board

    Did you install the nforce4 winxp drivers after the installation? Could you be more specific about exactly when the crash occurs...does it always happen at the same time/place as before, or is it random? I have played around with nlite a little, but the questions you are asking are over my head.
  8. ssmokee

    Epox EP-9NPA3 Ultra board

    That depends on the controller. Some do, some do not. If I know exactly which mass storage controller you are using, I might be able to tell you. Edit: Just noticed you specified the motherboard. The Nvidia SATA controller does not require you to add a driver via F6 for non-RAID configurations like you are using. Is it possible you are using an Nlite'ed install disc?
  9. ssmokee

    APIC Mode

    Enabling APIC will increase the number of available IRQs, which in general is a good thing. I think ACPI must be enabled inorder for APIC to work.
  10. ssmokee

    [Question] Can I transfer "knowledge" of an installed app?

    No easy way for Windows to do it automated that I know of, but in that situation all I do is edit the Start menu and just add shortcuts to whatever games I want.
  11. ssmokee

    PATA Drive?

    Becareful...retail boxed drives from what I remember typically have only a 1 year warranty. If you go to a computer store and buy an OEM model hard drive, most come with 3 or 5 year warranties.
  12. I suggest you read this over before getting that motherboard.
  13. ssmokee

    New LCD WS Monitor?

    Someone told me that if you are going to get a wide screen computer monitor, make sure to get one that is 16:9. I cant remember the exact reason but he seemed to know what he was talking about.
  14. ssmokee

    PC Building Experts Please Help

    Tiger has some real cheap sh*t you should avoid. Not that they dont have anything good, but they have a disproportionately large amount of crap.
  15. I suggest trying a different driver version; grab the latest off the net if you havent already. Are you trying to use the one that came bundled with the video card on CD?