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Running win XP 32 with 64 bit System?

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I have just started building a new PC and need some advice.

I have a Pentium 4 D 940 and appropriate MSI MB and Memory so far.

What I want to know is...

Can I install windows XP 32 bit and operate this equipment in a 32 bit environment (as in use dual core; being able to boot/install at all etc.) or do I have to have Windows XP 64?

My reasons for doing this would be that I have equipment which will not (probably ever) be supported in XP 64 and I can't really afford to replace it all with stuff that will (unless I really have to). I also run a web server with PHP and MySQL, all of which would be a little more of a challenge on a 64 bit environment.

Please excuse me if this is already answered, but I couldn't find the info anywhere.



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hi CrisOfCatford

today most of app based on 32 bit environment

so U may select 32 bit XP

When U will Use 64 XP U get the power of PC But not Productivity

So in My opinion U can use Win XP 32 Bit

and 64 Bit as Dual Boot option

Ramesh kumar Pilani INDIA

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With the hardware issue, just use Google to see if 64bit drivers are available. You said you ran a webserver...now is this a large-scale server? If so, the 64bit Windows may do good, because it is able to process large amounts of data much faster than 32bit Windows is.

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x64 drivers are still an issue here.

Last time i tried installing i had problems with SATA, SCSI, Printer and Scanner drivers.

While the SCSI hardware is getting on abit, the HP printer/scanner is less than a year old.

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intel and Nvidia (most used SATA / II ) both have x64 support drivers but nvidia's aren't WHQL'd yet (or atleast not the last time i checked).

but printer scanner drivers May be a prob, check google first..

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First off, theres no panic about these drivers, guys. :)

The system in question is quite happy running under 32bit XP Pro, I was just testing an eval copy of x64.

The MoBo is a Gigabyte K8NS Ultra 393 w/ Sil 3512 Controller.

I found 64bit drivers for all the hardware except SATA, I had to use the 3514 [i think] drivers which worked 99% of the time.

The printer is a HP PSC 1215, HP only released a 64bit driver for this in march of this year.

HP [as fair as i'm aware] still don't have Win2K Server or Win2K3 drivers for this printer. Fortunately one of the guys here was able to modify HP's Win2K drivers. ;)

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  • 1 month later...

I'm also gonna have a new PC and since I got over all the hardware questions (thanks to Ripken) my last big question is XP 32 or 64 bit...

By reading your posts, XP64 should not cause too much trouble, but since everything works fine with XP32, and the fact that I would need to get a copy of XP64 in french, then nlite it...

Don't you guys think that at this time, it's better/simplier for ppl to install XP32 and wait for Vista to come out in a couple of months?

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well this is all ur decision. if you plan on getting vista when it comes out then just wait for vista. i dont plan on getting vista until a year after it comes out, just so that there are pleanty of 64bit drivers for it and for all the bugs to be worked out. i would just stay with 32bit if i were u, no need to go and buy it and in a few months buy vista. i got my 64bit for free with microsofts promotional upgrade when 64bit first came out.

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well I could manage to get XP64 for free too :whistle:

I'm just wondering if the benefits I would get from using it are worth all the efforts and time spend to get it to work with all my hardsoftwares and stuff, while I already got my nlited XP 32 bit cd with all the goodies ready.

As for vista, I'm not gonna rush on it as soon as it's out, but if I see there is not much trouble for other ppl who buys it, I'm not gonna wait too long.

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