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  1. I'm running on a AMD Semperon 2ghz, 512MB RAM, nvidia geforce 5200fx agp 512mb, and everything is running great. Can't really squeeze out 720p playback anymore like I could in XP but everything else is so motherf***ing snappy compared to XP it's not a big deal. I can't run Aero of course but that doesn't bother me much either. You'll be fine.
  2. Down on my luck job-wise for some time, and I'm trying to find new ways to stay productive while job hunting, and anything to expand my options is great. How well respected is a W3Schools certification in terms of trying to find jobs in a computer-related field? I do have a lot of web design experience but it's all been code-as-I-go, learning bits and pieces to make things work as opposed to knowing all there is to know. W3 seems very affordable, especially with being able to use their site as my training materials before the tests. Whatd'ya think? Worth it or should I save to drop dime on the big names, i.e. Microsoft.
  3. Hey everyone. I have an unusual situation for which I haven't been able to come across a remedy yet. I am currently using Windows XP Prof. SP3 vr. 2002 on a Dell 1525, dual booting with Fedora 11. A strange occurrence came about when I was using my Windows system a couple of days ago, in that my gf was using it and got to witness some of my desktop icons disappear. She told me that she had been using the computer regularly, and the icons just went away right before her eyes. I thought it was strange, and assumed maybe she had run some sort of desktop cleanup, so I let it go. I had other things on my desktop as well, including other icons and some documents and folders with documents in them. Today, I turned on my computer and when I selected Windows through the boot loader it automatically logged me into my user name (which I usually have a choice between me and the administrator account), without prompting for my password. After a couple of seconds of pondering this, me and my brother watched as my desktop changed from having my usual icons and folders (minus the missing ones from the first time) to reducing to the default icons that come with a new user profile. What caught my attention was that all the files and folders (and icons, but whatever, I can live without those) on my desktop were no where to be found. Some other peculiar things-- all my user profile meta data for my browser (firefox) was gone--no history or cookies. My desktop changed to a default, and on top of that my computer refuses to ask for my password even though going through the User Settings UI shows that my user name is still pass-protected. I do have virus protection (McAfee) and the results of the scan should be up shortly... I am also doing an 'exhaustive search' with R-Undelete (http://www.r-undelete.co/File_Undelete_Download.shtml) to see if I can find any of the files that were on my desktop. It doesn't look like anything besides my Desktop was affected (My Docs, C:\Program Files\*, etc. are all still intact). One thing of note is that for a while now, when Windows is loading it comes up with a brief message saying "Invalid Boot.ini \n C:\Windows", but I ignored it because it didn't seem to affect anything. Any help would be great! Thanks for reading.
  4. New custom PC with an MSI x58 Platinum, core i7 processor. 24gb DDR3 ram. First boot -- the PC had no boot device. Shut off by itself after a few minutes. Second boot on Vista installation disc -- Died seemingly the same amount of time during "Windows is loading files." NOW, we took out 3 sticks of ram, and am in the process of installing Vista, everything is fine. The power supply is 600 watts. The videocard is a GTX285. Could the RAM we took out be defective, or could the sheer amount of RAM be tasking the power supply too much? Thanks for the input.
  5. AFAIK they do block 21. I have tried everything, from 8080/8081 to 990 using SSL to any combination of random numbers.
  6. Windows XP Professional. Windows Firewall is off, and the firewall is built into the router. The model number is a Westel 7500
  7. The modem and the router are one, and I have went as far as totally disabling the firewall with no luck.
  8. Hey there. I was trying to set up an FTP server inside a virtual machine, but could not access it through the internet (only on my local network) So, assuming the VM was a problem, now I am just trying to get it to run on my host machine with no luck. I have all my ports forwarded and have even tried straight up turning off my firewall with no luck. Seems also changing the FTP server's port has no luck. Any suggestions? Also, if it matters, I am running Verizon DSL and have found no info that states that they do not allow servers / block any ports.
  9. I think I may have figured it out actually. I tried using WinRAR Portable and changing the folder for temp files with no luck. The drive is FAT32 and I have read just now sources that say it has a 4GB file size limit, and some sources that say it doesn't. I'm thinking it does because that is where the extraction stops. Can someone confirm this? Sorry for the waste of topic. :-/
  10. Hello, all. I have a ~2gb 7z archive that I am trying to extract. When it gets to one of the files, I get a box that says "Write Error: Probably The Disk Is Full". The disk I am extracting to has over 80GB free and the file being extracted is nowhere near that size. Any ideas? I would just re-download it but I'm not on a very fast connection and since it's not a CRC error or anything I'm hoping there is something I can do besides grabbing this file again. Thanks.
  11. I appreciate the help, but I don't think I explained it well enough. I have some code below that basically does what I want, however, not exactly. What it will do is prompt the user, and print a string out on the page without overwriting everything on the page which is good, but I need the script to ADD to whatever is already on the page (so essentially, they could click on the 'google' image again, repeat the process, and a new line with their string would appear below the one created before it. <html> <head> <script type="text/javascript"> function vaibhav() { var name=prompt("Please enter your name","Harry Potter") if (name!=null && name!="") { var document.createTextNode("Hello "+name+"!! How are you today??") var tname = document.getElementById("name") while (tname.firstChild) { tname.removeChild.firstChild } tname.appendChild(text); } } </script> </head> <body bgcolor="#000000" text="#FFFFFF"> <div id="name"></div> <img src="http://www.google.com/intl/en_ALL/images/logo.gif" onClick="vaibhav()" /> </body> </html>
  12. Hey there... Just fiddling around with an idea me and a buddy have, and what the site will require is users clicking a link, or a button, getting a prompt, and taking what the user entered and placing that data on the page after some modifications. Sounds simple, and I'm sure it is. But, in what I've read and tested out myself, everytime I use the document.write method, it overwrites the entire page instead of just adding on. After more reading, I thought that using the 'getElementbyID' and 'innerHTML' methods would solve my problem by placing the output inside a DIV, but no go. Anyone have any advice on this?
  13. Thanks so much for all the great answers...I've never been loyal to a specific brand but I know now I have a Philips TV and don't like it at all (not HD) because it cuts off the picture, I have seen this on a few of the same TVs. I will probably go ahead and make the switch, thanks!
  14. Hey everyone, As a celebration of a new job which I have yet to get, I plan on getting a sleek new HDTV, but had a couple questions for owners. Not necessarily brand specific things though. 1) What does a 16:9 TV do with a 4:3 signal? Is it stretched, cropped, or does it just sit in the middle? I'd like it to just sit in the middle, I'm not all about messing with the original image. I guess the same would applie to a 221:10 (or whatever the wider screen format is, I can't remember off the top of my head.) 2) I've read different things in a lot of different places, but would like the record set straight -- A flat-screen, thin 46" isn't a projection TV, is it? So, it should be okay to hook up a gaming system to it? I know all the next-gen consoles have HDMI capability and everything, so what's the scoop on actually using them on these TVs? 3) Upconversion DVD players...what's the scoop? Are they worth the extra cash? Will I need one if my TV already upconverts for me? 4) If the TV I'm looking at can accept input from a PC, does the PC need an HDMI output, or a DVI output? Will I be able to have my PC switch to the native resolution of the TV? 5) Any recommended brands / models? This is what I was looking at: http://www.sonystyle.com/webapp/wcs/stores...ductId=11040895 Thanks for all the help!!!
  15. I've tried it all and when I try to run that process explorer it tells me that I need to be running Windows 2003 SP1 or later, even though I am. Win2k3 32 bit. In the Task Manager, Setup.exe opens for a few seconds and then closes. I can still run the admin tool and everything, but that isn't helpful.
  16. When I double-click on Setup.exe to run Office2k7 setup under Win2k3 Standard, nothing happens. Can't really get much more specific than that...worked fine under XP...this is a fresh install of 2k3.
  17. I appreciate all of the advice. I went with DiskInternals' software and it worked fine. Win2K installation did finish, but I hadn't installed anything, because I knew as soon as I navigated to what I thought was my data drive to install drivers and such. But, yeah, it all seems good now...thanks for all the help!
  18. Thanks for the help. It was whatever kind of format the WIndows 2000 Setup performs.
  19. Well, I'm pretty much bouncing off the walls right now. I was installing Windows 2000 and accidently told it to format the wrong drive. In the installation, I went by the drive letters, and basically it told mixed up my C and D drives, so it read my boot drive (the one I wanted to wipe) as the D drive, and the drive with all my data as the C drive. I am running some random tool I found called Zero Assumption Recovery, dunno how good it will do. I had over 11,000 songs on there, stuff for work that is irrecoverable, stuff for school that is irrecoverable, etc... Please don't give me a lecture on backing things up. I can't just drop $150-$200 on an external drive, and it was certainly not feasible to burn data to DVDs. If this is all you're going to say to me, please, don't. It wasn't a hardware failure...simply an accident. What are my options as far as unformatting goes? Are there any? EDIT -- The drive is now being reported as 74GB instead of 120GB..... :-(
  20. Hey there... Was wondering if anyone had information on the User-Agent string that is sent to websites during an HTTP request...and how I could go about changing what is sent in my VB app to the server. Edit -- apparently, it is sending the string "Microsoft URL Control -- 6.01.9782". I looked around in the reference files for the Inet control, but found nothing that said this.
  21. I'm looking for a user auth script that is fairly easy to use / administrate. I need something that supports userlevels (hopefully at least 5, but more would be great) and support for anyone to create a log-in directly from my site, instead of having to manually add it to a MySQL table. thanks!
  22. I have no code to post...hehe. Basically what I'm looking for is a script that will have news items on the left, and when the item is clicked, whatever text I define appears on the right. I don't see in these includes how I would get it to do that. I'm not very PHP friendly yet, as you can tell. Maybe this just can be done with simple DHTML? I found a script similar to what I want on DynamicDrive.com, but since I am using tables to separate the page into columns, the script could not handle links in one column and the content in the other, so I was out of luck.

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