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I have updated XPCREATE to fix the few bugs reported. I have also updaetd the Flash integration to work with version 7.X, 8.X and 9.X. Please download the latest version of XPCREATE, 01 JULY 2006, from the link in the first post of this thread.

@Mann: I am not sure where you got that TXTSETUP.SIF information above, but it does not look XPCREATE generated to me. In fact, I never got around to integrating the nVidia drivers, as I never had the hardware to test. Is that TXTSETUP info tried and tested?

@BaTLeZone: Hotfix KB917734 updates WMP.DLL to that version.

@Tinywoods: You should be good with any Flash version now.

... Allez les Bleus ...

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Thanks GreenMachine I had that update in 2x one for xp the other for server2003.

Win2000 still has the same problem as past versions. DX9 is not reconised as install by other programs ie. powerdvd.

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Thanks GM for fixing the bugs with the new version :thumbup

pls ignore the txtsetup.inf that i've posted earlier.

manage to integrate the nVidia drivers using this guide

With XP I got an error with MP10.... the file wmp.dll has a ver # of where was expected. Any ideas on this one?

Hi BaTLleZone.do you still have this problem with the 1st july version cos I got the same error too.Any solution for this or maybe a workaround.Thanks. :huh:

I did not integrate both hotfix (kb902344 and KB917734) but problem still exist. :no:

nevermind did a workaround.problem solved period :)

any ideas what happen to xpcreate.com.it seems dead :(

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I was looking to give this program you've made a try, but the link seems to be broken, or perhaps incorrect?

I get a "Server not found" error

I did manage to find xpcreate on another website, but I am unsure if it is the current version. Could you let me know how to grab this?

The website I found it on as wll is:


Thanks man! :thumbup

EDIT: Just a quick question as well. Say I use my origional cd. No servic packages at all. Does this program integrate sp1 and sp2 into the new disk? Also, I never saw any options for adding my cd key in to make it unattended and such. (I decided to go with the version in the link above for now.) Am I missing a step?

EDIT 2: Apparently, while looking through some other parts of the forum for an answer to my question; I came across the fact that I have to edit the xpcreate.ini file to allow it to connect to the net to download the fixes. Sadly, I cannot seem to open the quickstart page, in order to find what I need to do to allow this. Is there something wrong with the xpcreate website?

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Still I get error when I try to connect with XPCREATE.com. :huh:

BTW,after doing a clean install, following updates still show up on Windows update. :no:

I'm not English OS user, so that I need language pack files for .NET Framework. The former version could treat .NET Framework 1.1 language pack.


WindowsMedia10-KB917734-x86-JPN.exe = Media Player

windowsmedia10-kb902344-x86-intl.exe = Media Player


NDP20-KB917283-X86.msp = NET Framework 2.0 (Extract from exe to msp)

langpack.exe = Language pack (Japanese) for NET Framework 1.1

NetFrame2langpack.exe = Language pack (Japanese) for NET Framework 2.0

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Thanks for the link but still not able to download from that link. I have searched also but mostly found the old version. I would like to get the new version. Is someone able to mail it to me. Please send me message and I will reply with an email address to be used.




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GM . Your site is still down

Hope noone nabs GM's domain. Yesterday it was going nowhere, now (according to netcraft.com) it reverse resolves to www.renewyourname.net

If anyone knows the direct IP for the download, it would be great if it could be posted here.

I knew I should have grabbed it the day I saw his site updated :) At least google cache still has/had the what goes where stuff.

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