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win98 do not run .cmd files .

how do you manage this ? on those systems.

i run today my wpi_cd_4.38 on an older sistem.

wpi.cmd do not run and so on...

i use .cmd files.


i ask this because , related is next question :

how do you manage the two new entries

execute before and after ?

i have before and after more than 2 tasks .

my first ideea was to use a .cmd file !?


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felicitari pentru promovare .

(ours local football teams gets both promotions to first league)

i know .bat files 100% will work on w98.

but , what i dont know is if ALL my commands

inside my .cmd files will work (especially regs commands ?...)

.bat files are 100% compatible with .cmd files ?

this really i dont know...

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Offtopic: Multumesc si felicitari de asemenea.


yes, .cmd is completly compatible with .bat

Try this on any windows system:

assoc .cmd

You get "cmdfile"


ftype cmdfile

You get cmdfile="%1" %*

For bat

assoc .bat

You get batfile


ftype batfile

You get batfile="%1" %*

So they really are the same thing (actually bat files are more often used because they offer backwark compatibility.

All normal cmd commands will work on windows 98 (copy, rd, del etc)

But about the reg commands:

regedit.exe will accept the same parameters with the XP one.

"regedit /S bla.reg" will work.

However, I don't know for sure if reg.exe was included in the vanilla version of Win98.

I think it was bundled with some resource kit, so try using regedit /s or put a reg.exe on your ua cd just to be sure.

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The Win98 version of command.com is very limited. It doesn't support nearly as many options as the WinXP flavor. I'm not sure what your wpi.cmd file looks like, but there is a chance that you will have problems if the code is too complex. There's far too many differences to be able to go over all of them.

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rename the command.com as cmd.com and put it in the same directory of wpi.

good chance


sorry , can you elaborate ... ? for us ... what is in your mind ?!... good chance !


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I want to say: copy command.com from your sytem drive windows 98 to the directory wpi where is wpi.hta then remae it as cmd.com and try it. it work for me under windows 98 fr


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