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Kaspersky antivirus 6.0 "2006"


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Hi !

No, guys ... this is not that easy in this case. Svenby is right.

I have been trying the beta versions and they all simply ignored all the noreboot or REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS switches. I have opened a topic in the Kaspersky Betaforum but Kaspersky said that this is a home user version and does not make use of those switches

See this thread.

I would also like to know a solution. I already had a look at the msi using Orca. It has the REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS property set to 1 already but it still reboots after silent installation.

I am still using KAV 5 because of this stupid limitation. I guess Kaspersky wants us to buy the more expensive workstation edition but I refuse to do that :whistle:

Any ideas besides using vbs/autoit scripts ?



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i already made a post there today...

im thinking of deleting some custom actions in the msi tables to see if does not reboots...

BTW, im installing KIS and has the same problem as KAV.

will post later if my deletions worked.

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Thi is mine work perfect


@echo off


kav6.en.msi /quiet /qn /norestart


REGEDIT/S kasper6.reg


regkeyen.exe = RARSFX file = regkeyen.key
Path=Kaspersky Lab\kaspersky Anti-Virus6.0




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Hi All,

I Had the same problem, I have a fix partially. I have edited the msi install file and removed 1 line.

The line that starts up kaspersky anti virus.

See the attachmentpost-92072-1148238114_thumb.png

And the installer does not reboot after install.

The only thing is that kaspersky implented that the system needs to be rebooted when you start up kaspersky anti virus the first time.

So concluding the fix I did doesn't require reboot at install, only at first run time.

And I think this also applies to Kaspersky internet security.


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lord nikon, the program asks you for reboot art first run or it auto reboots when running it for the first time? thanks.

It auto reboots when running for the first time, there is no question just a hard reboot.

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