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Will you upgrade Windows Vista?


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Guest Darlyn

Even though I am as eager as everyone else and have even made my Windows XP look exactly like Vista, I probally will not upgrade to Vista right after it comes out, but most certainly when I am done uploading all my XP's current files to a web server.

I really don't see Vista having that many new features. Its basicly just a gorgeous new skin and a few makeovers, but Vista will be almost similar to XP. Even though I am an avid programer, what I really find most appealing about Vista is Aero. It's about time MS started giving this systems that "sleek" look Mac has, not just the boring, color-overloaded XP.

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whoops somebody didn't do his homwork...

even though vista, doesn't have the full new 3d inteface but just the earo part instead, and even though WinFS is just PARTLY inplemented,

some big improvements are:

  • Vista will no longer run interface drivers (like vga, sata or lan) inside the kernel, but instead they will be loaded by a module in about the same way linux does.
  • Vista will run IE7 from a sandbox (restricted) enviroment
  • Users will no longer need to be an Admin (or priviledged) user to run normal software, and MS will try to support (but meanwile force) external software developers to comply to this non-admin policy in vista (again just like in linux).
  • every aplication should be running in a dedicated and isolated part of the RAM- memory so óne program cant interfear with the other.
  • vista's 6.0 kernel also 'most likely' will be the first version to run 64bit optimized (instad of ported like xp64 and server2003 64bit edition).
  • and probably lots of things i forgot about at this time...

anyways. most of these features will seriously increase safty, stabillity, and speed.

but, even though it probably will be a better OS than XP, its sadly not the gigantic leap forward like we were prommised, when they spoke of 'longhorn' about 3 or 4 years ago.

but to answer they orrigional question, No i did not take vista's minimal spect into concideration when i bought my new computer about 2 weaks ago (no i dont have it yet i'm still waiting for delivery, at the time of this writing)

even though my new pc will probably run vista like a charm

being based on the Nforce 430 chipset, 2gb ddr400 ram and a 64bit 1.8ghz dualcore opteron processor,

(excapt maybe for earo since i dont know if my onboard GeForce™ 6100 vga chip will support DX10) but i dont care about earo anyways.

i didn't chose this setup to run vista on it, even though i eventualy desited to wait with buying a 64bit optemized OS until vista release.

so i geuss for me this time it is the other way arround, i neaded a new pc, and i bought me the strongest i could afford, and desited to run either beta's or 64bit linux versions until Vista release,

for those wanting to know, im either going to buy VISTA 64bit Home basic N (european only no WPM version), or Vista 64bit Profesional basic N (also without WMP).

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all theyve done is add this new layer thats basically just an SQL database ontop of NTFS , and stolen a few security features that linux has been using for years.

I have no intention of upgrading for a long time. The only reason i will eventually upgrade is because of DX10 and Halo2 that are meant to be Vista only.

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i'm using my and runs xp perfectly fine fo what i need to it to do.

Upgrade h/w to run a new os - no chance, the os would wipe my budget clean and as i don't use heay apps like, movie encoding or games i'll stick until h/w fails and then think.

i don't think vista will be all its cracked up to be, and why the need for two different way to interact, i can't see 3d properly so it will be a complete waste and should be fun doing support!!

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and stolen a few security features that linux has been using for years.
you are comparing two completely non-related things.

because even as you are probably right, this argument doesn't realy fit in.

as it seams you are now talking (in terms of security features),

"im not going to upgrade from a terribly insecure system A to a verry little less insecure system B because B has stolen some features from from a quite secure OS C

but i might do it because game X recuires me to... "

let me ask you this than

Do you even care about security, or do you just use it as a lame exuse to flame against MS?

because if you realy do care you probably better dont use windows at al, now do you?

and to get things clear, i myself going for vista

not because of winFS,

not because of earo (i even hate earo),

> but because of the better suspected x64 optimization

> and the splitted drivers from kernel

> and the isolation in ram use for every program,

> and as a last (i even forgot to mantion this before),

because of the less requirered reboots

(i so realy hope it will make a real difference)

and ofcource because vista will (even if it is not the best or safest OS in the world) be better and safer than XP

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Wow seems someone is getting a little too defensive over MS. Yes i care greatly about security but even so i still run XP/2003 as my primary OS with Debian as my secondary. I was merely stating that there really isnt any extra functionality in vista, all they've done is add some more bloat and finally taken a leaf out of linux book with the way applications are run with only certain priviledges.

Vista may be better than XP in a few years but when it is first released it is still going to be a pile of crap. Its only once MS have got to atleast Service pack 1 that the OS actually becomes useable ( although in Xps case even SP1 was a pile of crap )

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Should the thread title read:

Will you upgrade to Windows Vista?


Will you upgrade your hardware for Windows Vista?

By the time Vista is released I should have had chance to test all the apps & games I use currently on XP x64 to check they work - if there are any that do not work then I will consider dual-booting my machine for a while until there are fixes or replacement products.

My hardware won't need an upgrade, I built my current system a few months ago with pretty much high-spec kit and it still has room for expansion (dual core CPU, SATA2 disks, SLI'd graphics, for example).

I run my work laptop on Vista so it's getting a good road test for usability, and I am seeing it shape up nicely between builds.

I keep my file system in order so WinFS won't be that much of a benefit to me, I prefer to know where my files without needing to do extensive searching for them, Aero is very nice even on my non-LDDM graphics chipset.

IE7 & Live Messenger are now fitting in very well with the Vista interface (it will be very interesting to see Office 2007 in combination with Vista).

One of the best features is LUA, and I am very pleased with the fact that it is impossible to install unsigned kernel-mode code in the 64-bit version.

The UI improvements with Explorer are also nice - number & size of files plus current transfer speed when copying files, and the ability to click a separator between folder names in a long path to branch off to a different part of the folder structure in 1 click is great.

WinPE-based installation is a great improvement too, and the C-TCP implementation works very well.

Even the free games got an overhaul with sound, scaling graphics and improved quality.

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like stated i agrea with you that vista is not, and will not be, the best OS in the world.

That is simply something we nead to face,

but i do hate it (but i might mis understood you), flaiming for no reason.

like i said in my posts it actualy IS in a few rather important parts quite an inmprovement

in coparison to XP

because the drivers won't load from inside the kernel,

windows wont crash anymore at hardware failure

so actualy that IS realy is an improvment,

also said before vista is actualy a BIG dis-apointment in terms of

what was promised v/s what wil be released

but even inspite of that, an upgrade (if you can afford it) will be worth it

verry mutch.

this is what i tell a friend of mine working at some company who are thinking to upgrade to xp (from 2k) after recently buying a couple of 100 workstation replacement, "dont, just wait for vista" and i can say this,

in those days xp came out i would have never dreamed of saying so...

aspecialy regarding to the fact that a short after release update is asking for installing about 100 security patches in the first 3 months.

@Mr Snrub

I havn't tested vista yet on 64bit (as my computer isn't delivered yet)

and earo is just a thing of tast,

but i do believe that office 2k7 wil improve some parts,

but it was said that some parts of the UI will change in ribbon style (what ever that may be),

and not specificly because of it, but still, i already had desited that id rather use the OpenOffice Suite

plus that i rather use the ISO certified ODT than MS's XML

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hopefully as soon as its released someone like nuhi could get cracking at writing a reduction program so we can strip it of all the useless garbage that just wastes hdd and memory.

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I plan to get Vista when it comes out.

I am a bit peed off about me not being able to connect to my wireless internet [Might be a driver problem or something like that]...

apart from that I think it's ok so far so yeh I'll get it if my mum let's me.

First time i installed it it gave me a BSoD [yes they still use it]

Second time it worked and now I really cba to get the internet on it...

Hopefully it'll be a lot better when it officially comes out

edit: typos

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