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[qus] Office XP fail


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If done the whole 9 yards on this one. Integrated service packs and used office shirk to make smaler.

and used winrar to make exe (sfc with the unattended.mst)

It installs fine if I run the exe , But fails when it is part of the xp installation.


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I created a svcpack addon for Office2003.

I dont know does same thing works with OfficeXP.

U should create a new sfx for officexp without silent parameters. So u can see what kind of error stops installing of office.

Probably error for creating an register for DoctorWartson.

(blah blah\DW\Installed...)

I deleted registry entire from pro11.msi file with orca.

Recreate sfx pack with modified setup files in silent mode.

So setup work with svcpack style.

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