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  1. Updated Version

    However, from what I can tell (unsure) you want to replace the INNOUNP with this. However, if you mean Indigo Rose Setup Factory, maybe not? In "Feature Request" Thanks I'll try some different ways past this.
  2. Updated Version

    Hi can someone tell me if a updated version is planed in the future. SetupFactory extract is not up to date and can't find the right files to add to bin directory to get it working again Thanks
  3. WPI v8 Bug thread

    Can't get exit sound to work in 8.1.0. Nore with SndWPIExit.wav in the theme or the nomal one in config. It plays the sound in config if the test button is clicked. please help
  4. The Config lister does not work anymore from version 8.00 It only make a config.txt file with nothing inside. Can we please get a new one working with version 8 Thanks
  5. OpenOffice error

    looks like you are running comodo antivirus. disable On-access scanner before install. Sould fix the problem.
  6. Made it for you. download at http://rapidshare.com/files/49140488/ST193.cab.html
  7. Universal Extractor

    Thanks for the Beta - Will the final version include support for Inno 5.1.14 . Thanks
  8. Universal Extractor

    sorry ment inno setups
  9. Universal Extractor

    When does the new version come out that supports the new NSIS version of files.
  10. [qus] Office XP fail

    Thanks - I have done it as runonce yesterday and it works. The posts however says it can work as SVCPACK. regards.
  11. [qus] Office XP fail

    via svcpack
  12. [qus] Office XP fail

    If done the whole 9 yards on this one. Integrated service packs and used office shirk to make smaler. and used winrar to make exe (sfc with the unattended.mst) It installs fine if I run the exe , But fails when it is part of the xp installation. Help.