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Winamp Library -> Shoutcast Radio


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sweetness. Thanks for the solution. I was wondering where it downloaded the data to, definitely not in %appdata%.

I tried sniffing out the address, but it was no bueno. All I got was:


from netstat (which yielded an HTTP 400 on browse). I didn't use any other tools though. One could try etherreal.

This beats the cake though.

Did you just copy the entire "ML" subfolder from the "Plugins" folder within the Winamp folder?

Thanks again...I'd rather have this and I don't give a rats about the new media library thing. :D

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You can achieve the result by importing gen_ml.dll from winamp 5.13 plugin folder. But certainly you stand to lose the option of

Shoutcast Wire




This is because the new medial library plugin has more comprehensive rss support with xml support (it is too in 5.13, but it was easy to manage).

Also few more plugins have been added/modified like ml_spdxs.dll, ml_pmp.dll, ml_wire.dll, ml_online.dll and together they present more of browser type interface in media library.

But to revert back to simple behavior of the media library, you need to overwrite only gen_ml.dll, no need for ml folder as it contains cached pages of library (option selectable in winamp 5.2).

So if you are really happy to lose something go for it!


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Careful Nullsoft (read AOL) you are starting down the bloatware road!!

The new version doesn't work for me as I remove IE it gives me script errors all the time. sounds like your gen_ml.dll solution will help though. Cheers.

I am looking forward to checking out the portable media player support though as I have a Creative Zen (I guess if you want features you get a bigger product:) )

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Apparently this will no longer work in 5.21 (I've not confirmed this though). Winamp forum members note they will no longer support the old browser (weird).

BTW. I fixed my problems by installing IE. So much for an IE free system.

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