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[Help] Windows Jerky And Lagging


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Wasnt sure which forum this thread would go under so ill post it under here since im running Xp. Mods feel free to move this thread if needed be.

Not sure what happened the last few days but windows is extremely jerky now. Opening applications such as MSN Messenger or even Winamp makes windows laggy as hell even though theres nothing else running in the background. Although once the applications are opened/loaded its not that bad anymore. The lag/jerk happens most when i load up a new application, even opening up Explorer lags =/ Turning on my comp and waiting for windows to load up at the Windows Xp startup screen lags too. You can practically see the little bars that scroll across lagging.

Not sure if this is related to my windows, drivers(havent installed anything lately though) or if its a hardware problem. If anyone could help me it would be much appreciated.

Windows Xp Sp2



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Are you sure your CPU is running at its normal speed, and that the cooling system is working properly?

Is the hard drive making any unusual noises? Is its speed set to the fastest it supports (ATA66/100/133) in BIOS?

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Cpu is running at its normal speed and fans are working perfectly. Something inside my tower has made some funky weird noises before(last week) and still does sometimes :unsure: one time so bad it sounded like a ticking time bomb about to go off and woke me up during my sleep that i had to turn off my comp. It could have been the harddrive but im not sure.

What exactly is ATA66/100/133? :blink:

So its a good chance thats it might be a hardware issue and my harddrive could be dying out?

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Please post your detailled hardware configuration.

Download & Install the latest drivers for your chipset (VIA, Intel, nForce, SiS ...) from proper website.

I have seen same symptoms on Intel platform with ASUS P5GD1 with PATA drivers are set to PIO Mode instead DMA ... I have flashed bios and reformat system and all done.

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Yep you guys were right. It was in PIO instead of DMA!

Although i had no clue wtf that was when Sonic mentioned it, so i had to google it up. Thanx to LLXX for mentioning the settings were in Device Manager as i had no clue on where to go to change it. Apparently it was running in PIO even though the transfer method was set on 'DMA if available' but after a quick uninstall of it and rebooting its now running in DMA5 :P

Everything is smooth once again now. Thanx guys! :D

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