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Windows Live™ Messenger beta


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Has anybody used the offline message feature? Got no friends with WLM so cannot use that feature!!!!

someone can give a report on that feature?

works like a charm!, its good if you have a friend who blocked u because there mad at u and you want to apologize to them!

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okay, i got it by now.

offline messages,

i have used this feature on someone with msn messenger v7.5 and he received my messages. fantastic addition. i guess there's no reason to use icq any longer now.

one thing i miss is to quickly copy a contact's email address to clipboard.

say you're chatting with someone who's asking you for person x' messenger identity and you are going to give it to him.

the way i'm doing it is;

highlight contact > send email > copy address from email client > paste into chat window with the other guy.

quite tedious.

is there a way to do this quicker and easier?

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:D hi guyz ,

if you people want to remove the my sharing flders from my computer , just unregister this dll present in the messenger folder .


have this command in the run box

regsvr32 -u xxx

where xxx is the location of that file :thumbup

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I got an invite the other day for WLM. It downloaded just fine, but when I go to message someone it always comes up with an error screen saying that it has to close the program. I know my friend has it on her computer and she has no problem with it. Why do I?

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