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  1. This is something that's annoyed me through all the versions of windows, and with Windows 10, I'd hoped Microsoft had finally fixed it. They haven't. There is always only one resolution for the boot animation, but the three predominant display aspect ratios are 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10. Whenever there is a mismatch, you get a distorted boot animation. I've wondered if there wouldn't be a way to fix this, and googled up the information that people apparently edit "bootres.dll" with resource hacker like applications. The primary concern however is to infuse custom boot animations (e.g. that of a playstation booting), rather than to do something relatively simple such as changing the resolution. I've struggled to find any info on that. I hope it wouldn't mean to manually crop the Windows10 animation to be suitable for 4:3 displays (as is my case). Is there maybe someone here experienced with this? Many thanks
  2. You can bring up the action centre by clicking on the notifications icon in the systray. Attached is an illustration of what I would like to have. Thanks for ideas.
  3. Would anyone know if you can list the Windows Update History in the Action Centre? Thanks.
  4. Yes, that's why I was asking for help on a custom way. But interesting to know about the OS.
  5. Samsung SGH-F480V Do you have any ideas?
  6. It's a Samsung phone from ~3 years ago. How do I find out its OS?
  7. Unfortunately my phone is slightly aged and doesn't have any text exporting options. I found a way to save texts to a file on my computer though, for example in an excel sheet, without losing data like timestamps and sender/receiver infos. As I would like to avoid simply deleting old texts, I was hoping I could find a way to export the contents of this file to GMail. Does anyone know a trick that would allow one to import text messages into an email client, from a file such as xls or even just txt? One could then use IMAP to move things to GMail. I've played around with Thunderbird but it doesn't seem to allow importing messages from a file. I don't have Outlook. Maybe can someone tell me if it will be worth looking into for this? Thanks a lot for suggestions.
  8. I've recently vlited a Vista Entreprise x86 SP1 that I downloaded from my MSDNAA account. It runs like a charm on a computer that doesn't even meet all the hardware requirements Vista would usually demand. Vlite is just awesome! There's only one issue that I'm afraid might be caused by my lust for removing components in vlite: Installing a network printer. Our printer is connected to our house router. Everyone accesses it via LAN. To install a network printer, I do the following. Start > Printers > Add Printer > Add a network, wireless or bluetooth printer > The printer that I want isn't listed > Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname > I enter the Ip address and click "Next" Then, after a short while of "Contacting printer ..." the following error window pops up. Upon clicking OK, another error window appears: Would anyone happen to know if this is possibly caused by a removed component? Please find my "Last Session.ini" attached. Furthermore, if it is due to a missing component, my only chance is to reinstall Vista? Is my activation key then already used up and I will have to get a new one in order to activate Vista? I'm most thankful for someone's assistance, opinion or help. Last_Session.ini
  9. probably not very useful to you as it doesn't solve your problem, but please try http://www.defraggler.com/ it's my personal defragmenter tool of choice. i like it because it's lightweight, free, feature rich, clean and fast.
  10. i thank you so much for all this info ... i would have bought the slimline burner to then notice the plug doesn't fit ... anyway, to clear this up, i have read some wikipedia on sata: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serial_ATA on any sort of drive you buy that is stated to run via an "S-ATA" interface, what you have to know is whether it's S-ATA or S-ATA slim. S-ATA: 7pin data connector (drive - mainboard) + 15pin power connector (drive - PSU) S-ATA slim: 6pin data & power connector (drive - mainboard) ... while with this knowledge i would assume only slimline drives have a S-ATA slim plug. but having only one connector that can handle both data and power seems nice though? does the data transfer rate drop maybe? or why do they still produce drives that require the additional S-ATA power connector? i now have found out that i'll have to buy a new PSU as well because it has only molex power connectors ... this is just stupid. can you tell me more about your option 3 and these "hooks" you were speaking of? i have no idea what this is but maybe it can save my problem by avoiding a S-ATA slim adapter? (because my board has only S-ATA and one eS-ATA)
  11. hey, wow, thanks again. the dual bays are indeed interesting. there is another one that comes together with a plextor burner: http://www.plextor.be/products/DVD_CD/px-db608al.html i wasn't able to find a separate bay sled like you have linked me. thanks. about the ide adapter, i don't think i will need that if i just buy a sata dvd burner in slimline form factor, right? the reaons why it has to be slimline is because there is no slot-in dvd burner in the regular 5.25hh form factor. now, the reason why i need slot-in is because i bought a new pc case where all optical drivers have to be installed vertically. http://www.3rsys.com/english/products/view...amp;idx_num=109 using a tray optical drive is therefore not possible for me, unfortunately. thanks very much for all further assistance. side note: i could possibly just buy the plextor burner but i'd rather buy this one from sony: http://www.sony-optiarc.eu/en/products/dvd...ks/ad7670s.html
  12. thank you jaclaz. maybe i forgot to mention that the slimline drive i want to install is a dvd burner? these have a width of 128mm while 3.5" standard has a width of 101.6mm. therefore i figured that 3.5" slots are not suitable for slimline drives and my only chance would be to try it with a 5.25"hh slot. or am i mistaken? do slimline-hard disks even exist? i thought it was a standard for optical drivers only.
  13. Is it possible to install a slimline drive into a 5.25hh drive bay? Does anyone know if this requires sleds and if these are available? Thank you for info.
  14. hey, i'm sorry, it works now. apparently it just needed a full restart, rather than admin log off/on. thanks a lot for bringing us itunes without quicktime is it in any way possible to make itunes more leight-weight? it's so badly programmed that even clicking menus has huge delay because of who knows what it's doing. it just doesn't feel dynamic at all. is there any way to make it operate faster?
  15. hey, i downloaded your iTunes Switchless English.exe and installed it along with your quicktime itunes compability patch. upon trying to run itunes it gives me i then tried to reinstall quicktime alternative v2.70. didn't work. then i reinstalled your compability patch. still the same error. then i installed shark's vcp thing. again the above error. i take it itunes v80111 needs a new compability patch, too?
  16. hey guys, i've used shark's itunes many times before and it worked well. now i formatted my pc with nuhi's nlite and wanted to install iTunes761EN.exe from shark's depository. everything works well except for when i try to launch itunes. the mouse cursor will get a sandbox next to it for a few seconds only to disappear again. no itunes showing up. what do i do? thanks in advance.
  17. hehe, same here. i won't use my laptop until vlite v1.0
  18. yup, not to bug around, but i'm also very excited about vlite. it's just too good.
  19. so i want to reinstall xp soon. with my current install, german xp pro sp2, asian characters are not displayed correctly. on filenames and in txt editors, i get something like ÓñÖóɌg instead of 玉置成実. i can fix the characters by just renaming the file and it works well. needless to say that's not the way it's supposed to be. this happens mostly upon downloading files that have special characters in their filenames. why is my system able to display them fine but inable to keep the correct naming when downloading? also, in windows live messenger, say i choose to enter a nickname consisting of japanese characters. it will display for a little while, then change to something like ÓñÖóɌg. why is that? furthermore, when i only own the german version of winxp pro, can i still enable multiple languages for it? like, can it be done so it's switchable between either german, english or japanese? thanks a lot in advance for info.
  20. can't help but i've noticed a skipping too.
  21. how did you implement microsoft's test if your windows is legit?
  22. in other words, i must reinstall xp? that's really unfortunate, seeing as the only thing missing is a system driver so that it can address its cardbus slot on the site. (on a notebook here). i hope someone might be able to help ps. i don't need a driver for the actual WLAN Adapter i want to plug in. windows itself under "device manager" notices there's a cardbus slot available but it can not use it.
  23. thanks for your help but both aren't originals, are they?
  24. where can we hear a sample of it?
  25. like the topic description says, how do i minimalise aim and icq? both messengers are bloated with ads and additional crap you'd never need and that only takes on your system memory. msn messenger would be the same if there wasn't this wonderful thing called "a-patch", a tool to perfectly customize and slaughter away all the stuff you don't need. --> http://apatch.ikhost.com/index.php now i need something like this for other messengers too. or at least guides on how you'd do it manually yourself. any help is much appreciated. oh, and please don't give me "use trillian, miranda (and the likes)" comments. i did so over years but now i have my reasons why i want to stick to the originals.

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