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I understand that XPero does not waste his time with designing icons that will never look really nice because only 16 colors are supported but I made a custom batmeter bitmap.

The first is only a simplified version of the original and the second one is more modern but looks a bit flat.

I'm not a good graphic designer so if anyone has some good idees for this...





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@ Godzilla

There was already a thread in that direction. In one of the XPize versions XPero did include new batmeter bitmaps but most people didn't like it so it was not continued. It looked like the batmeter that is now in Vista. Something plain, white, flat. Even in Windows Vista Microsoft did not add true color support for the batmeter, bootscreen and management console but made the bootscreen and batmeter all white.

By the way: does someone know if the Management Console 3.0, which is now in Pre-release state only availeble in 3 languages, has support for true color icons?

@ keytotime

How can it be made more rounded? Edge smoothing and stuff is not possible here.

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