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hi all,

donno whether to publish this piece here...but think it wont harm...

i got this one thru a mail ...but donno the answer...

before solving it, i wanna post it across...

a man and woman going hand in hand.. the mans mother in law is the mother of womans mother in law..how they related?

bye bye..


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man's mother-in-law = woman's mother

woman's mother = man's mother-in-law


the womans mother is the mother of the mans mother

the man's mother and his wife were sisters.

He must be his wife's cousin?

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uncle in law? thats my 1st guess, ill be back


are the man and woman married? i have 2 pics here

the 1st is if not married, 2nd if married

if married then the woman's grandma is her mother-in-law



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It just said they went hand in hand. If they are married, he married his aunt, if not, then it is his daughter-in-law. Or his fourth cousin's stepmom's older sister by her fathers second marriage, I think.


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