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Open Office 2.0


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Yeah, I'm a tech at a computer store and I've created a multiboot DVD which allows me to install ANY flavor of XP onto a computer, then WPI lets me install usefull free software onnto the unit (Open Office, Picasa, Google toolbar, Ad-Aware, AVG, etc etc....) VERY handy....

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what i do:

extract the contents to a temp dir. locate the installer (msi) and from command-line "msiexec.exe /a path\archive.msi".

a new window will prompt to create an admin install point. once you finish, create a self-extracting package and install the application using path\archive.msi /qn.

the first time you'll find this a bit difficult but the new compressed setup will be some MB smaller. you can also modify some of the files (dlls and such) on the setup ;)

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Components can be chosen by using the ADDLOCAL Variable. Here's what the minimum commandline has to look like:

openofficeorg20.msi ADDLOCAL=gm_Root,gm_r_Files_2,gm_r_Files_3,gm_r_Files_4,gm_r_Files_5,gm_r_Files_6,gm_r_Files_7,gm_r_

These components are hidden and connot be changed during install, Openoffice.org needs those to work (tough I guess you could remove gm_r_Fonts_OOo_Hidden). Now here's a list of the other options, the names are pretty straightforward:

gm_p_Wrt_Bin - Writer
gm_p_Wrt_Help - Writer Help (and so on for the other apps)
gm_o_Grfflt - Graphic filters
gm_o_Testtool - Testtool
gm_o_Oo_English - Englisch language modul (I'm using a german version, don't think this is available/necessary in english version)
gm_o_Xsltfiltersamples - XSLT filter examples
gm_o_Pyuno - Pyhton UNO support
gm_o_jf_Palm_Aportisdoc - Palm Aportisdoc support
gm_o_jf_Pocketpc_Pocket_Word - PocketPC PocketWord support
gm_o_jf_Pocketpc_Pocket_Excel - PcketPC PocketExcel support
gm_o_Quickstart - Openoffice.org quick starter
gm_o_Activexcontrol - Enables viewing of openoffice.org documents in internet explorer
gm_o_Winexplorerext - windows explorer shell extension

Just add those sperarated by a "," behind the commandline from above. :)

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What about the associations ? with /s OO.org open word & excel & powerpoint ? It's possible to disable just the ppt (I prefer install PowerPoint Viewer ...)

I think I must create an admin install but if exist another solution ....

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First of all, thanks for the information contained in this thread. It's been very helpful.

One question though, that I haven't been able to find while searching: Does the OpenOffice 2.0 install support the "INSTALLPATH=" parameter? I like having custom install paths whereever possible -- I dislike all apps just being dumped in %ProgramFiles% willy-nilly.

Not having information on INSTALLPATH= support is the only thing stopping me right now from adding OpenOffice to my list of apps in RunOnceEx.

Thanks in advance for your time.

-- Jondar

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I use INSTALLLOCATION=\path-to\ to install to a different location.

Found it in the installation log that this one is used instead of INSTALLPATH or INSTALLDIR.

Thanks for that jjvs, I'll give that a try. At least, it's got to be better than using a MST file with it that I made using the Orca tool.

-- Jondar

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Does anyone know where OO2.0 stores application settings? In OO1.4, I simply copied the whole share and user folders for simplicity's sake and it worked fine. I'm wondering if the same approach would work in OO2.0 or if it's possible to use some better technique?

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I think all settings are stored in regsitry ... HKLM\Softwares\Oxxx ? or HKCU\Softwares\Oxxx ?

Actually no - at least there's not much info in HKLM\Software\OpenOffice.org and there's no OO key in HKCU. But I did little more thorough search and found that all user specific settings are in "%appdata%\OpenOffice.org2". You can backup/copy back this folder, but you need to quit OO and OO quicklaunch before or else the settings will remain in memory/cache/somewhere.

Maybe this bit of info will be useful to someone besides me.

This is true for OO2.0, can't confirm for 1.x versions atm.

Note: actually, when you delete "%appdata%\OpenOffice.org2", you will get the welcome screen again when you launch OO.

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