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should i upgrade


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my current pc specs are-

The Dmachine DV Extreme

Windows xp professional

AMD Athlon 64 4000+ 2.4GHZ SAN DIEGO

160GB hard drive (+ another 120gb external usb firewire hard drive from last pc)

1GB ram

nvidia Geforce 7800 GTX graphics card

Samsung 17" TFT monitor

52x cdrw + dvdrw

JBL speakers

SoundBlaster Live 24BIT 7.1 8 Channel Surround Sound Audio

the company that made my pc say there is a new pc coming out in a few months, specs are not yet available.

do u think i should upgrade when it comes out. i got any email from them saying that if i trade in my current pc, i could get the new pc for half the price

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No way, u probably wouldnt find that much difference in spec ultimately. So in a way the company will be probably making money off u....Stick with what you got for a while longer, come on, I still got a Barton 3200+ running all the latest games sweetly!

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You seem like the kind of person who "needs" the absolute best, right here, right now.

Are you really going to be happy getting those extra 3 fps in HL2 after having spent a buttload of money on top of what you've already got? If yes, then go for it. If not, don't. It's as simple as that.

Honestly, you probably won't even notice a difference between your current setup and their next "top model".

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Why upgrade? Like eveyone said, you have all you need. If you don't mind the effort in transferring files and you don't have left over hardware, and you want the best, ummm.... I still don't see the point in upgrading. I still have an extra HD from the last upgrade..

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just to let everyone know, that i didnt say i wanted to upgrade. i started this thead because the company that make my pc sent me an email asking me if i wanted to upgrade. and im just asking should i upgrade.

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