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NFM's Windows XP / 2003 x64 Post-SP1 Update Pack


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I know what maybe could be your problem, if you install the Daemon Tools 4.0.3 (and 4.0.2, 4.0.1 too) before or after you install vmware you will have problems to start a virtual machine (when you power on a virtual machine the GUI of vmware crashes), but that's because vmware has problems with the SPTD-Driver :realmad: , after you disable the SPTD-Driver, you will be able to use your virtual machines again. :thumbup

You could use another emulation cd software, personally I use FantomDVD, it has stall in the beta version but it's fully usable. You can get ti here: FantomDVD

I hope this can help you, it has happening to me maybe it's the same problem, and thanks Kamil for your great effort :D , I'm going to make a new intallation cd with the patches.

i cann't install MVware before start a virtual machine .We have different problems.Any way , I visit http://www.fantomdvd.com/DL/ENU/FantomDVDServer1.htm to download FantomDVD, but the software have problems after download .

One day , I have installed kaspersky.Then , I want to uninstall kaspersky .Suddenly,It shows htat "To hlep

your computer, Windows has closed this program. Name: Windows installer Publish :Microsoft Corporation

Data Execution Prevention helps protect against damage from viruses and other security threats. "

It show those message whenever i install MVware.

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