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Opera 8.50: Completely free of charge!


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The moment you start saying "for ProgramX to match ProgramY" you're making a comparison.
read my post,i just ask how extensionsdo ff users use.
@chessonly: Sure, you can have arguments (you even did your research) but only by the way you're saying all this makes it clear you will never like Firefox better,

Actually there was a time when i really preffered ff over Opera. i Still have a extensons folder in my documents and use firefox exclusively for printing and certain other tasks.

Need a link?? http://rapidshare.de/files/5463957/extensions.zip.html


PS :noobs note : its always a bad idea to install extensions from such a link.

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Stop trying to convert users from the other browser, start converting users from MSIE.

how about IE7 :P:lol:

yes its true that i tried ff when i'm using opera bc they've advertised how fast ff opens up a webpage, yes i only liked that part though and for that i'm not switching my browser.. i like many many things about opera

1 would be: i browse many pages everyday, sometimes just surf.. right now i've 3 windows and many tabs in them.

say 5 mins from now i'll be installing a program and it'll request a restart right?

what do ff users do? write down everypage they last visited and retype them after the restart?? hahah i just close the browser and after the restart they all come back just the way they were and if your cache is big enough it takes split seconds to load all those even with a sucky internet like mine.

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