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Best Website Editor?


Best Website Editor?  

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  1. 1. Best Website Editor?

    • Dreamweaver 8.0
    • FrontPage 2003
    • Topstyle Pro v3.11
    • Other (Please State)

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That may be so, but some WYSIWYG editors add extra, redundant code to webpages that really isn't necessary, or can be done in a much more elegant manner.

They're good for starting out, and getting a basic example of how (X)HTML/CSS works, but once you get into the nitty-gritty, it's better to do things by hand. That way, you also know exactly what's going on with your webpage.

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I'm actually in a Dreamweaver class this semester, and I must say I've found it very frustrating to use. There's just SO many buttons!

I taught myself how to create HTML webpages a couple of years ago using one of those illustrated guide books.

Though the book was simple, it enabled me to move on to bigger and better books, such as the HTML Blackbook.

For me, it is easier to type all the code into Notepad, and if I stumble upon something I can't figure out how to code, I can either look it up online or look in a book, such as the HTML Blackbook.

For others, maybe it's easier to use Dreamweaver. I'm sure if I had started out with Dreamweaver first, it would have been easy for me.

Also -- I used to work for a news website. The webmaster was avid about me using Notepad and not a WYSIWYG program.

That's just my 2 cents. Don't get me started on Frontpage. ;)

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No doubt TopStyle! It has the basic syntax highlighting but built in preview with excellent CSS support. Use the MozillaControl and you can do gecko browsers (netscape, mozilla, firefox) in the preview too. Built in tools such as inserting DOCTYPEs, CSE and W3C HTML/CSS validation, Bobby validation, Tidy, Style Check/Sweeper, etc etc. It can also integrate with Dreamweaver, HomeSite, ColdFusion and FrontPage! :thumbup

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I use PHPDesigner for building websites (supports HTML as well). Its great because it numbers each line for you and highlights the TAGS and stuff. I'm not that good at HTML and have trouble remembering all the commands so I use Frontpage to do try stuff and check how it was coded. But I dont use Frontpage to do my actual webpages becuase of all the extra crap that gets put in. I also like using the pipette in frontpage for getting HEX codes for colors I like the look of on websites etc.

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