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Stop asking for partition info


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Ok, I read this far....

(you can't "back" up while typing, or you loose the whole thing), 2nd attempt)

I want to configure my winnt.sif to set my "example" 80 gig HD to a 5 gig primary partition, set it as active, then format it as NTFS. The remaining 75 gig (in this case) set as partition "D", extend this partition to full.

I read, http://support.microsoft.com/kb/155197/EN-US/








Anyluck?, Bonedaddy? Evilvioce?

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@ I Devil

yes, I do, but I use a third party software, (boot-us), to totally hide

the other partitions.......just to be safe, since one is test partition it

has to be fully hidden....... and if fully hidden you can do autoformat

ect... good luck



If you keep critical data or mp3's or pic or what ever I would never

chance it..........

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