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i applied same time as you snoop.. and had very similar system specs. i expect it was what i put in the comments box that got me on the test.. that or they just randomly pick people

dont have a clue what email i used way back then maybe one i dont even have now :S

i put in one box other games i had beta tested and stuff.

i doubt very much they have the time to hand pick people though imagine reading threw all the thousands of replys i expect its just random.

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cleared it with the wife and i will almost definitly be buying the game when its out.

you still finding it a bit boring tris or has it got a little better the more you have played? if u are starting to like it you should also buy the game and start an MSFN Corp!

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Do NOT buy it.

i did some reasearch and working out of how much money it would generate based on their antisipations.

the game will generate more than $16 million US a year. i posted about it, nothing derogatory in the forums an my post was deleted.

They dont want people to realise that what i have said before about MMPORGs is true.. they are just shafting you for money and using the excuse of server cost and bandiwdth to charge you that money. sure they have to make a profit but they make profit from the CD sales alone. whats gained from subscriptions is just extra.

The other thing is that the server cluster will consist of about 50 pentium 4 servers running windows 2000 adv and SQL.

The beta testers forums also run on SQL and cant even support the few hundered people viewing the page at any one time.

Most game bugs and problems appear to be down to server side memory leaks, when the servers reboot almost all bugs vanish.

if more people buy MMPORg games and pay these rediculous monthly fees online the trend will spread to more and more games online, such as FPS games. using the same excuse of server maintenance costs. 1942 has over a hundered servers in different countries run by EA. 1942 takes up a LOT of bandwidth. sure its not a persistent environment and the servers are clustered but it doesent cost any more money really to cluster the machines.

if FPS games only have about 20k users playing them online at anyone time what do you think a game that requires monthly fees is going to have?

also snoop.. regards what you said about each solar system supporting 1000 users tops, theres about 5000 solar systems so i wouldnt worry too much about them getting full.

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i dont really care about the monthly subscription i know its basically extortion and they make a stupid amount of money if as many people subscribe as they hope.

im paying as much as eve's monthly subscription is to be part of a counter strike online clan (website costs and server costs are shared equally buy the clans members)

CS isnt as entertaining for me as it once was ,if i decide to stop playing that im gonna need something else to do in my spare time or i will go insane :).

If i get to play EVE and think it could hold my attention for a few months until i find something better to do i will most likely purchase it.

btw the 1st FPS massively multiplayer online game is already on its way called Planetside which looks like it will be a huge UNREAL2 type world if thats popular then expect a crap load of companys to follow

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ok, ive changed my mind. its ok im allowed to .. honest.

EVE is very immersive. its pretty boring really tho in this stage of the beta, not as much content as there is going to be, much of it has been disabled for this stage of testing. However it will be an AWESOME game when completed, some very interesting developments coming up, but its down to CPP to get it right, and im sure they will. its not the kind of company or game to get rushed out onto the shelves

*cough* EA *cough*

EVE has 5000 solar systems .. and possibly more, they can expand it too if needed. to give you an idea i have visited probably about 30 of them so far, and thats without exploring, most i just "passed through" on the way to other places. its so enormous looking at the map can be mind boggling at times, its not a 2d map.. but a 3d rotational mesh, objects are at different hights within each solar system.. and each solar system is at a different hieght to its nieghbours. its trully HUGE.

Myself and a few other testers started a Corporation up... doing well so far and attracting new members. each member has a role.... managers, directors, CEO, mechanic etc. some have multiple roles. the scope for player V's player and Corporation V's corporation alliances and wars is very interesting... huge wars could break out with conflicts of interest because of alliances and things. and the ships... wow some of those puppys are huge, we are about to buy one of these tonight when we find another corporation that has the blueprints to build it:


guess whos flying it?? :)

Snoop... i really hope you get your wish and get to test the game. if you do be Minmatar and look for some of our offices in the noob start up solar system. we have about 3 there, Glimmer Enterprises.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Supa.. sure get hold of me ingame, search players for "TRIS" and give me a shout.

we are in ITAMO system in the forge Region just now. hope you didnt spawn as an amarr or something you will be about 40 jumps away lol :)

you can also find us on

irc.stratics.com #critical-mass

All Servers - Port 6667


- irc.frws.com            USA - Colorado

- irc.glowfish.de            EU - Germany

- irc.epaxsys.net            USA - Colorado


- Or connect via irc.stratics.com to get a random Stratics Server

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From the sounds of it Snoop, they are gonna let in a whole lotta people so you'll probably get in eventually.


its still all random though some people have signed up and gotten an invite within days where as some people have had to wait months.

i signed up a few more times today anyway to increase my chances :) and even if i dont get in its only about 5 weeks till i can pop down to the shops and buy it.

btw how long did it take before you got an invite? just out of curiosity

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Chief Directors log, star date: sometime when i should be in bed.

Critical Mass is now at war. (members 44, Shares 5000, Stock market Ticker: CM)

Official war status was reached sometime around 9pm GMT last night.

Xtinction pirates must die! shoot on sight!

A pretty impressive display of hunting and entrapment tactics where displayed

by the Critical Mass military devision, six of our cruisers and frigates in support

encircled Xtinction pirates in the Kehrara solar system. Blocking all exits we

proceeded to "hunt and flush"

Around eight Xstinks pirate vessels where severley damaged in the ensuing

skirmishes and chases. Xtinxtion pirate "Sponge" had his ship destroyed by

salu, one of our brave Augoror cruiser pilots. Sponge managed to avoid death

by escaping in his emergency pod.... only delaying fate.

I myself took six missile hits from xtinction pirate "Darkmyst". no damage was taken

and pirate was engaged and escaped just in time, flames bursting from his port side.

Critical Mass will continue to defend its space from these pirates, and flush them our

of our region by sheer numbers, tactics, and organisational skills the pirates lack.

Far from "not fearing death" the Xtinction pirates continue to display nothing other

than cowardice, running from all confrontations, and only daring attack people of much

weaker fare than themselves. when hunted they run to the outer belts and hide on

the edge of our space, licking their wounds.

No Critical Mass casualties, and only minor damage to some ships shielding to report on our side.

/end log.

(i would post screenies of the pretty cool skirmishes / battles, but i would be breaking the NDA. maybe in a few days it will be lifted)

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