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so far?

games very complicated, lots of interfaces and stuff. such as.. u mine ore from asteroids.. then have to find somewhere to process it, then somewhere to sell it. the stock market is a reactive thing, unlike freelancer where prices stay the same. if someones selling huge amounts of goods in a base the price will start to drop and drop at place near it. you dont have such direct control on your ship as freelancer and its a very SLOW moving game. i dont think many people would like it. its certainly an eye candy fest though. its very buggy still. theres an ingame browser window you can view webpages on but it wont work, i get an error popup. i tried loading msfn into it but it just gets the page title then says host cant be found.

Space is 3 dimensional, as in all objects arent on the same level plane. in freelancer they are.. though you can go where u like still in that. in this the map is a 3dimensional web you can rotate it and look around, kinda like a mesh for a computer model (say in 3dmax or something)

depends on what type of game you like, and they still want testers so sign up and see. i know i wont be paying to play it after the beta.. i hate games that requier you to pay for them then pay again to play them. the server i was playing on tho had 510 people on it! its not one machine obviously.. but a cluster. the universe is MUCH MUCH bigger than in Freelancer, i suppose freelancer is the arcade style version of EVE.

i can up some screenshots of you would like of some of the thing in the game they dont show you on the website.

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Sounds interesting enough. I like freelancer, but I want more control over the character, like when you go the bar and stuff I want to move the guy.. not just right click the character you want to talk to...

How is the interactivity of EVE? Can you do combat with other players? Can you trade with them? How do you start off? Are you giving a set amount of funds and then build your way up? What kind of characters can you choose?

With freelancer, I wanted to customize my player, the look, the voice etc.. I guess I was looking for something like Morrowind III combined with the fast action of say Star Wars Rogue Squadron, but of course up to date with the latest graphics and game engines...

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in EVE as in freelancer you can fight other players, infact you have huge wars. you join a race and a tribe when you make your char, as i said the server i was on had over 500 people on it. we could have gone to our enemies solar system and kicked some rear if we wanted, theres even a wars statistics page, whos had a war with who.,. how many died.. who won etc etc.

theres no drinking holes on EVE :)

when you make your char you decide on their tattoos, eye color, background image, hair, jewelry. you then can morph the face or use a randomizer to do it for you. you even set the angle they face the camera, heres my char below :rolleyes:

i found why the browser wont work, known issue.


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That looks wicked. I like the idea, am anxious to try it out. :) I like the wars idea, and the stats. IN freelancer, everytime I played online, i never met another online player the whole time I was there... other than through chatting.. most of them had advanced too far into the game...


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in freelancer i usually team up with other players, often with Snoop and go kick butt. the games too easy tho and the graphics suck. EVE i think has took it a bit too far the other way and over complicated some of the things freelancer missed. we shall see how it turns out.

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gah i want to try the game so much! u know what to do if you get bored of beta testing :)

The beta testin for EVE:The Second Genesis has started.  It will open with

a closed beta phase and later progress into an open beta with a larger

scale community testing in the last quarter of 2002.

will be an open beta at some point may be a game i would pay to play seeing as the servers are in london.

the game was planned for release march 2003 seems they have fallen quite far behind.

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i applied same time as you snoop.. and had very similar system specs. i expect it was what i put in the comments box that got me on the test.. that or they just randomly pick people :)

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