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Computer keeps restarting while loading winxp


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as the topic title says, my computer keeps restarting everytime when it gets to the windows xp loading screen where the blue bar runs. I don't see that screen though, it just restarts at that point. It gives me a bsod screen but it's there only for a micro second. Can't read that fast :( And keeps restarting no matter what i try. Safe mode won't work either, formatting and re-installing xp doesn't work, when it restarts after formatting to install xp it restarts at that screen. I tired that boot disc that's been going around bart PE, that also doesn't work.

I pulled out all the hardware except hard drive, a stick of ram and video card. Still a no go. Tested the video card on another computer, it's fine. Tested the hd it's fine. Tested the ram it's fine.

I don't see anything wrong with the motherboard.

so lol, what can it be?

Please help :blink::blink:


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Well nothing resolved the issue. I think I narrowed it down to this:


It's 2.0 Ghz P4

Mobo: P4b533

What do I set those jumper things as? I tried setting a couple but nothing changes.

I hear on the speaker that system failed due to over clocking lol. IM not trying to overclock it just trying to get the blasted thing to boot up.

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Are you using a custom boot? I've had this happen when the pallete is wrong in the ntoskrnl.exe try using the cd recovery util and overwrite the ntoskrnl.exe in %windir%\system32 with the one from the cd.

Make sure you expand it after the copy though.

Just a thought

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nop, a normal windows xp cd.

It lets me set the cpu frequency in bios, then i put the same frequency on the mobo. But tells me im trying to overclock it.

or its telling my system failed cpu test. :huh:

OK lol, i put that to default.

1 time I restart it says system failed cpu test from speakers, monitor doens't come on at all or anything

anothe time I restart it says cpu overclocking error from speakers, monitor doens't come on at all

another time i restart it goes fine until it gets to xp loading screen and restarts itself

sometimes i restart it goes into safemode bios and goes last time the booting had errors due to improper frequency settings. set the frequency properly and restart

I try to get into the hard drive safe mode it restarts at the agpsomethingsomething point

I try to press the f key to get into safe mode another way it says hard disk failure.

So the times it works it can't get into hd?

bah i feel like throwing this junk out.

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lol.. sounds like a motherboard problem.. then again im guessin its can be a combo, between ur motherboard n processor. try the processor on a different mobo and see if it works and vice..

anre you bios settings on default as well?

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ok I cleaned out the heatsink and stuff and I got a bit far from. It goes into installation after restarting then goes into windows installation. Goes into 36th minute of installing devices, and restarts at that point everytime.

Any ideas?

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