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Worst Computer Company Support



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  1. 1. Worst Computer Company Support

    • Compaq
    • Dell
    • HP
    • Toshiba
    • emachines
    • acer
    • Sony
    • Other (What?)

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actually , no, I have a 1337 machine right now

The emachine is the only machine I have ever bought from a corperation.

I gave it to my family, not bad for someone whos made only 2500 his whole life :P

This is what i built myself.

Right now i got, a dfi nf3 250GB, amd 64 754 2800+ @ 3280+,512MB kingmax hardcore ddr 500 @ 570, sapphire ati radeon 9800 pro, 500W diabolic deamon psu (powmax i find out after, **** tiger direct), diablic deamon case, that can hold 8 3.5" drives, and 4 5.25" drives, and I think 18Fans, ranging from 80MM to 120MM. DL dvd burner, and a cd burner and 80GB WD SE 8MB cache

also my reasons for such a small xp, is mainly security then anything else.

mainly cause, not all computers in my house support wireless wap protection, so were stuck using wep, which is completly insecure, ive been hacked, to the point where they changed the router password, 3 times already this year, not I put the antenna strength as low as it can go, to aviod it.

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Ah... I see. I was just messin with ya. I've said before that I'm curious to see how this turns out. Maybe when I've got time (dunno when that'll be), I'll give it a shot to see how it turns out.

And yes, that is a pretty killer system. ;)

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its working out better than I ever expected. I am making patches for software at a incredible rate. Waiting on a nice webhost now, I just hope I get another 2 months to work on this atleast.

so far, i have had a 90% success rate with programs. I have learned all this stuff on my own through trial and error, and cant wait til I get an expert using it, to see how well the do.

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Dell is most definatly the BEST EVER!!! :thumbup plus i kno alot of the people that work at dell so its nice :D

-HP is actully the crappy one, i called them once for help and they were CLOSED!!! Dell never closes!

I'm not surprised it's Dell as they're the king of cheap.

KING OF CHEAP EH???? :realmad: then y are you always seeing dell computers in the real world? I kno for a fact most hospidels, schools and goverment places use DELL computers! No to mention stores and businesses!

--excuse my crappy spelling ;)

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I will have to say Dell

The thing about Dell (and probably any other), is that it really depends on what you buy and how much. I am the network admin for a gov't office, with about 200 users, all Dell (including servers). Now I didn't choose what systems to buy, but I do have to support them. Whenever I have to call our Dell support line, I usually get grade A service. Sure, I have occaisonally talked to some who really don't know what they are talking about, but usually I am greeted on the other end of the phone by someone in my home area who is willing and able to help. Fact is, if I was a standard home user, calling the standard support number, I would probably be transfered to someone overseas who has been contracted by Dell to handle these calls. If I'm not paying for "on-site" service, why should I expect top level service. Not that I have any doubt in the potential for those who answer these calls to help me, but language barriers can be frustrating. My company pays for top level service, and we get it. If you want to do-it-yourself, or look for the best bargin, why complain when the tech-support isn't top notch. Fact is you get what you pay for. If I've paid for a warranty and/or support on my hardware and it fails, I expect satisfaction--but when I have a problem I can't solve, I turn to the friendly people here at MSFN.

Also, I consider myself pretty knowledgable when it come to computers, and I would never want to answer high-volume tech support calls all day, and I'm sure I'm not alone. I imagine good help is hard to find, especially for this kind of job.

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Tulip Computers, when asked for a replacement notebook harddrive we recieved an 80GB full size IDE Hard Drive. Then sent us a batch of 20 Laptops that werent even complete. People on the phone know nothing.

We unfortunately got 32 Dells in. 3 minor problems so far, nothing to call Dell for.

Some of my friends don't listen to me. 1 bought a Dell (he regreted it). 3 others listened to me, and are very happy.

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IBM is the vendor of choice for laptops. I know some people call them stinkpads, but if you buy a cheap anything (from any vendor), you almost always get what you pay for. Some vendors are just bad across the line, but I've found IBM Thinkpad T and X series laptops to be the best at taking regular abuse, especially from the higher-ups who routinely beat the living hell out of anything they touch (not to mention what their kids do with them when they're home!).

Sorry to hear about your experiences man - that sucks. :blink:

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BFG tech does it for me. Once upon a time - okay, in was back in summer 2005, I bet around 20. June, I bought trought friend in USA BFG 6800OC card. I was convinced by the lifetime warranty and great customer services reviews, as well, as perormance.

I was planing to watercool the suxxka, so I did not care about the two screamers installed on the card. Anyway, when I plug it in on testing machine on my dest, the picture look like this:

<!--ImageUrlBegin--><!--ImageUrlEBegin--><img width="300" class="attach" src="http://ax2.old-cans.com/trashed_screen.jpg" border='0' alt="User posted image" /><!--ImageUrlEnd--><!--ImageUrlEEnd-->

Obviously, wrong memory chip. 600W Enermax PSU sure give enought juice, so... Tried few other machines as well... So I write BFG in hope they have a European collect address for RMA. Included pictures and asked how long the replacement took. They want few infos, give me a ticket and no address info come. Ever. I mailed second time, same stuff. Third - I got a new reply, saying this:

Dear trodas,

We have not made your RMA just yet. Due the large number of RMA requests we've received in the past couple of days, it may take a little while to get your number generated - we have not forgotten about you and I see your request in the queue for RMAs. We will e-mail you as soon as he have your RMA made!

So I waiting still up to today. The card already lost it's value completely and I bougt PNY 6800GT anyway... So, maybe I should remind them again? Pics of the card (look, how nice thing this is!) is there, in case you want to check taht it is not damaged in any way at all:


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this doesn't really comply with the computer company tech support...but i had a wireless G adapter for my xbox that just wouldn't work. so i called the linksys tech support...and nobody had any idea what was going on...so the guy just hung up on me..

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