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What Codec (packs) are the best?


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I don't use any codecpack... use only Ffdshow and can play anything.

Ffdshow is not a codec or a codecpack, it is a filter, therefore, no useless files are installed (like xvid decoder AND divx decoder AND 3ivx decoder... all just mpeg4 decoders... ffdshow plays it all being just a filter).

Also no ac3 decoder needed..

You can find more info and download here:


Currently there are 2 builds, a stable good one and an unstable one (like beta), the 'beta' one I don't have a link for.. this link is all about the normal version.

FFDSHOW is only codec(pack) what you will ever need...


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I mean think about the size

If I use K-lite Mega codec (24 Mbs) from the start, it maybe better than using 3 softwares (ffdshow 3.7 Mbs + Real alt 6.25 MBs + QT alt 10 MBs = Total 21 MBs! so it doesn't make sense

for extra 3 MBs in Mega Codec you get:



many other stuff which I can't remember

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I think the latest beta of the k-lite mega codec pack has all the latest codecs...

I believe they keep them up-to-date.

K-lite mega codec pack is my favorite anyway, I especially like the easy way to created a switchless installer for it.

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