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The problem with trying to copy directly into the system32 directory is (a) the file is in use and (b)WFP will replace the file with the original if you did manage to replace that copy.

And as for where you can get it...SEARCH!!!

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....or u can try what I did...copy the hacked file to the clipboard. Then rename the original file to something else (I renamed it to uxtheme_orig.dll), and paste the new file straightaway. That way WFP does not have enough time to replace it with another orig file.

and just by the way..isint there any windows utility which will let me replace system files? I dont want to load unnecessary third party apps just to get a small job like that done!

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Nope... no built in utilities wil do this. It wasn't really Microsoft's intention for people to hack their files and want to replace the standard ones with their own... ;)

Although you can get around this with the simple Replacer. It's actually a batch file... so you could say that it is a MS app in a way... :P

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umm... it did? or your file did? A badly patched file will cause your machine to not boot properly (if at all).

I'd suggest using a patching program for the uxtheme.dll file instead of manually replacing it.

Another alternative is to replace the uxtheme.dll file on your Windows install CD. That way you'll have full theme support without any hassle.

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