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  1. After I extract those 5 tables by orca, but i cannot see "tabledirs.lst" and "xmlfiles.lst" existed in "X:\office2003\sort\", how can i do? You create xmlfile.lst and tabledirs.lst yourself using Notepad and saving the file as a .lst file. Tabledirs.lst: Basically, whatever directory names you used to export your tables to, you list in the file. Tabledirs.lst should look something like this: acc11 excel11 fp11 inf11 onote11 outl11 outls11 owc10 owc11 ppt11 pro11 xmlfiles.lst: Similar list as above, but all you do is list the xml files located in /files/setup. If you read the above posts, Beeker actually has combined a package that pretty much does everything, including creating the .lst files http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...1225&st=60#
  2. Hello: I hope this thread is still active. I have downloaded the scripts, applications, and batch files, and followed the various versions of instructions and I keep encountering problems. My latest problem is: right after creating .CAB files, sort2cabs.js goes into resequencing .xml files (as far as I understand). From what I could gather from the script, it calls md5sum.exe to do this. Each time I attempt to run the script, near the end I always get the same error: xml files found: acc11,excel11,fp11,inf11,onote11,outl11,outls11,owc10,owc11,ppt 11,pro11,pub11,std11,stdp11,word11 modifying acc11 modifying excel11 modifying fp11 modifying inf11 modifying onote11 modifying outl11 modifying outls11 modifying owc10 Error: Access is denied. I read somewhere that md5sum.exe does not work on Windows XP, so I tried running the script on a Windows 2000 box, and came up with the same results. I've checked the permissions on the .xml files in x:\office2003\sort and there are no permissions set (or rather, no restrictions were set). Please help! (**prays that this thread is still active **)