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[Tool] VMcleaner, cleaning your virtual memory

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Well, in one of my latest uA discs I noticed that the use of my virtual memory was going thro the roof. My VMware couldn't even handle it anymore so it started complaining about 'not enough virtual memory, press OK to expand it'. Not very unattended-like.

Anyway, I noticed that most setups "leave" processes running in the background. After about 20 setups (this includes Office and OpenOffice, two big boys) processes of over 80meg were just "left behind". Detecting and pskilling them manually is not my thing, so I introduce VMcleaner 0.2.

Here's how it works, when you use the parameter "/w":

vmcleaner /w

it wil create a list of the currently running tasks and save in a file in the TEMP-directory. If you're a bit clever, you know that you need to run this at the beginning of your install method (RunOnceEx/XPlode/...), preferably the first entry.

Afterwards, run VMcleaner without any parameters


once in a while (after every setup, after five setups, whatever, your choice). It will detect all the tasks again and kill any new ones that were created. This makes the virtual memory less occupied and faster again.

You can run the first command again anytime to rewrite the tasks that shouldn't be killed.

*wanders off*

edit: and it can be used in a normal Windows-environment too! *shuts down 100 notepads*


v0.2 (10/07/2005):

- Can now detect and kill a similar-named task

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Version 01 writes to an ini file and shows the processes nicely.

Version 02 shows the PID instead - is it intentional?

When this is used in Windows cmd, would it be possible to make it show the info in the same cmd window as an option?


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Yeah, with PID I can seperate processes with the same name. I'll include both options in the next version.

The second you're asking, I cannot do. I can only pipe to cmd's my app spawns. However, I think that PsList basically does what you want. ;)

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I actually forgot to use it. Now added to my RunOnceEx. BTW, cleaning the virtual memory will also take time, right? So one should not perform vmcleaner to many times otherwise it might even slow things down... cleaning the vm everytime?

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