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Im back, with a new app in the works

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Silly question jdgordon.

I'm a relative newby and have just created my first unattended win2k iso file. used virtual pc to test.

Works out shed loads cheaper than burning disks :)

Anyway point is, I think I like your idea.

One possible nice to have might be.......

when you click on the particular item to type in your answer, it assumes you know what to type, yes?

How about where there is limited choices anyway, creating a drop down menu to choose the correct options!

Just a thought.

Will download and check it out


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you can :D

you can choose the input type for each item. you have the choce between yes/no, a boring text line and a drop list (which gets populated from the xml file), im sure ill add more when i get some feedback

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25 downloads and no feedback :(

well you may have noticed the screenshot looks much better now :) thats what ive been working on today. so now you can have multiple items on 1 page, or individual items... ill upload a proper sample xml soon when i finish one :D

still doesnt start winnt32.exe yet and always saves changes (choice to save changes is next on the list)

lemme know...

edit: ok ive attached a much better xml file to this post... it apears my idiotic way of making the tree has left a nice expolit open so you can make dummy items :)


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looks cool, you might want to remove "firstly a suky screenshot" now you have updated it. Add components in there and it will be kinda useful. gj

edit: I would also change the apply button to be called create, it has more bearing on what it actually does.

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I LOVE this idea :)

I would like to join the "team" and work on this with you, I think it would be a great idea if you could split the responsibilities for cathegories to different people on this forum. So I for example will take care Proxy and so on... So we could cover all topics inside ref.chm.

What do you think?

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Mike_Wilson: this isnt the main part of the proggy... when its finished apply will save the changes.. ok will save and close and cancel will close without changing...

then you press "install" or something and it will get going...

Martin_Zugec: thats why i did it all from the xml format... the whole thing can be added by whoever.. whenever... so please, put together xml files with the different groups (ill look into getting it to read more than 1 xml file when it starts)...

the xml format is pretty simple... if you cant figure it out wait till tomorow and ill write up a proper howto.

the available types quickly:

yesno - saves as a "yes" or "no"

onoff - "on" or "off"

onezero - "1" or "0"

text - saves any text typed

keyboardlayout - internal type becauase im lazy... does the keyboard layout droplist

timezones - as above for timezones

command - NOT IMPLEMENTED YET (will just spit out a any text under the section... gonna be suefull for the post instal stuff)

list - makes the list view (look in proper.xml for an exmaple, only the first 4 types are valid here)

droplistStr - makes a drop list and saves whatever text is chosen from the list to the sif file... add items like this <choice>item</choice>

droplistInt - as above but saves some number to the sif.. <choice>number,text</choice>

any item (except IN the list) can be disabled by adding " disabled" tot he type tag.. e.g <type disabled>yesno</type>

also, hidden will be available soon so u dont have to disable items to have the written

if there is a input type you think we need let me know..

oh.. and to edit text in the list view. just click once on the text Data item...

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Feature request: I like to have answer.xml to also save my settings as defaults when I hit ok/apply without having to edit the xml file manually .


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Martin Zugec: maximising the window will be a bit of a pain, but ill add it :P

if an item is really long, you can use the <summary> tag to add some extra notes (in the list that will make a tooltip.. soon)

i got no idea how to do dependancies.. but i will look into it

same about os.. :(

thetop: it does

thanx all :)

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